Disney Parks Raise Prices on Ear Headbands, Bubble Wands and More

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As of today, prices have increased for many of the bestselling merchandise items at Disney Parks. Included in the price increases are the ever-popular ear headbands, bubble wands, and misting fans.

Ear headbands are now $27.99, up from $24.99.

Ear Headbands

Bubble wands are now $27.00, up from $25.00.

Misting fans are now $22.00, up from $20.00.

These prices are now the standard costs for both domestic Disney Resorts, so guests are advised to plan accordingly.

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  • Yes, prices go UP….. Yes, it is a fact of life…… YES Disney really tries to sock it to you…. I still have a promotional ticket for five days, with free week of waterparks at DW that I paid like 115$$ for over a decade ago… long enough back that the old girlfriend name on one of the tickets is NOT the name of the current wife of ten years, so maybe WELL over a decade is more accurate. hummmmmm

    Still, how families do a Disney vacation these days is an economic puzzle for me. And the business decisions that sacrifice price for volume…. although volume seems to be a non existent problem… prior marathon “Day AFTER” promotion is that if you had a finisher medal, you got in FREE….and usually took the 3 or more people that were in your party along as PAYING guests… NO LONGER!!! So they lose three paying in my group for ONE free…hummmm. What did we do?? Hit the other attractions… Busch, lego… Universal Kennedy (a great show). Disney lost out on that I think.

  • It’s always interesting to me that people like to refer to Universal Studios as being cheaper. I was planning a long weekend with my fiancé a few months ago and compared WDW and Universal (with as close to same resort class as I could get). Cheaper? Sure. But it is NOT that much cheaper at Universal.

  • Don’t complain, just don’t buy the stuff. Disney always keeps tabs on their sales. Remember the “Supply and Demand” you learned in school? Apply it to Disney. When folks years ago stopped staying in the high priced Disney hotels, Disney halted new construction. Guess times must be good for everyone now, but what goes around comes around.

  • Prices increase while quality decreases. They increased spirit jerseys by $5.00 too. The parks are already so expensive.

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