Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Meet and Greet Eliminated from California Adventure

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As of a few days ago, the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Character Meet and Greet was retired at Disney California Adventure in the Disneyland Resort.

The meet and greet was added in September 2014 and has been quite popular over the last 4 years.

This cut is among a rather large number of entertainment budget cuts being made at the U.S. Disney Parks.

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  • Ehh I’m surprised it lasted this long as it was a mascot from a failed video game series that lost a ton of cash for them……….

  • Oswald is from the very expensive epic Mickey video game series failure that was a total loss for Disney so I’m surprised it lasted 4 years …

  • It doesn’t matter where Oswald the unlucky rabbit came from, he was a rare character to have a meet and greet. Disney didn’t know how to bring him to the public besides videogames and yes he was created before Mickey.

  • Oswald showed up at the DVC Moonlight Magic Event at Hollywood Studios in Florida a couple days ago. No word if he will be making any more appearances there, but we are hoping!

  • So no follow up article that the BS you posted here was wrong? Oswald has been showing up in DCA at the same meet and greet area the past 3 days. Great fake news reporting to get clicks!

    • There’s no follow up to be made, he was removed from the Disneyland website, the meets are unscheduled and not permanant as of yet. I can’t control what characters they choose for character training or if they decide to bring him back due to guest demand. I don’t have that power.

      • But there is a follow up to write, as you said Oswald was eliminated, and yet here he is at DCA. You have the power to admit you were wrong, as proven but his appearance, but you don’t. Every character is not listed on the app, why are you hiding behind that baseless excuse? Ohhh that’s right, just to get clicks! Fake news! Sad that people like you feed the sheeple and you don’t even care who you hurt.

        • Again, it was listed on the site for years, it was gone for several weeks (I was physically there and fact checked over a THREE week period, as we often do), and there is more than enough evidence of the formal meet and greet’s elimination. A meet and greet is a very easy thing to bring back if they decided to and I’ll look into it, but I won’t remove this story as it was most definitely eliminated for a period. I again can’t control if they decided to revive it due to negative feedback.

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