PHOTOS: New Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph, Bing Bong, and Other Character Christmas Ornaments at Disney Parks

Just released at Disney Parks, guests will find a series of new character ear hat ornaments for sale.

Here’s Judy Hopps from Zootopia. Hopefully this movie will start to see more merchandise soon because it is really underrepresented despite how big the box office was for it.

Maui from Moana is available.

The Wreck-It Ralph ornament includes his hero medals, including a two-sided version of the one Vanellope presented him.

The Coco ornament features a large guitar on it.

So, the Bing Bong ornament actually smells like cotton candy underneath. This is pretty amazing.

Dug, Russel, and Kevin are on the UP ornament.

We can’t forget about Dory!

All of the ear hat ornaments listed above are $24.99 each.

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