REVIEW: Pizza al Taglio Window Opens Outside Via Napoli at Epcot

Via Napoli is a popular table service located in the Italy pavilion at Epcot. They’re known for their amazing pizza which is made using imported ingredients giving a true Italian flavor to their pies. In past years they’ve opened a side window in front of the restaurant to serve slices of their pizza during busier times, mainly Food & Wine Festival, but now that window has become a more permanent fixture. Behold, Pizza al Taglio!

Yup, that’s an $18 cocktail at a quick service window.

They added a nice little counter to the side so you can enjoy your pizza without a trash can table. We stopped by and checked-out individual pizza slices, ranging in price from $6.75 to $8.75 if you want the San Gennaro slice.

The size of the slices being served justifies the price! The entire pie on display is the size of the Mezzo Metro pizza on the Via Napoli menu ($45 for a pepperoni pizza). $7.75/slide where there’s 8 slices in a pie works out to $62 for a “full” pizza from the window, but you don’t need to tip a server so I guess there’s some value in just a slice. The crust is a nice foccia-style and is loaded with a sweet red sauce and great pepperoni right from the restaurant. There’s only one downside to getting an individual slice from this window and that’s the cheese quality. It feels like it’s been sitting here a for some time instead of fresh from the oven. Our money is on sitting down and getting a full pie, but a slice will help soak-up some of the alcohol from Food & Wine Festival.

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2 years ago

If they just add slices for purchase of their Carciofi Pizza and it’s perfect takeout menu!

2 years ago

So, this is permanent? Hope it’s there for our up-coming Dec. trip. Seems like a very good use of a snack credit!