REVIEW: Reuben Spring Rolls Roll Into Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom

The famous spring rolls returned to Adventureland this summer, including the regular vegetable and an enhanced version of the cheeseburger. These new rolls arrived fresh from the Adventureland kitchens where they were handmade instead of being from a vendor. An excellent decision for Disney, but these deep fried tasty pockets left us longing for more, especially with the price increase. In comes the Reuben Spring Roll.

Reuben Spring Roll – $7.50

Put the pitchforks down, you get two for that price. Actually keep the pitchforks up. Anyway, you can mix and match between the three varieties provided. We opted for two Reuben because we just love deep fried sauerkraut. You’re going to need to love sauerkraut to enjoy these because that’s 80% of the filling. A Reuben is typically made with corned beef, pastrami, thousand island dressing, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut. This spring roll missed the dressing entirely and kept to corned beef with minimal cheese. There’s huge potential here for something unique and enticing, but you end up with a grease ball that tastes like Oktoberfest gone wrong.

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