REVIEW: Cheeseburger Spring Rolls Return to Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park

That is correct: Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. Before rejecting the idea off-hand, know that a similar lack of culinary ambition could well have cost humanity jelly doughnuts, biscuits and gravy, and the beloved Bloody Mary. Just because you might not instinctively put two or more consumables together does not mean the combination won’t be positively delicious. The Adventureland outdoor vending Egg Roll Wagon, inside the Magic Kingdom, challenges guests to be, appropriately, a little adventurous. Then rewards them… well, maybe.

A while back, Cheeseburger Egg Rolls made a well-received appearance in the Magic Kingdom. Then, evidently lacking the appreciation that guests seem more inclined to reserve for a purple wall, the underappreciated delicacy disappeared. Well, now it’s back, in Spring Roll form.

Freshly made inside the park, for $7.50, guests get two steaming pockets of explosively wonderful taste. It can be difficult to process consuming a cheeseburger in this fashion. Until you realize the major component is ground beef, which is not a terribly atypical egg roll filling, after all. True, very few spring rolls come with cheese inside. But, these do. Once you try them, you may wonder why it is not more common. A warning that they can be polarizing as some in the group also hated them. That being said, they’re also a horrendous value at $7.50 compared to many other items in the park, including fried cauliflower at the nearby Golden Oak Outpost. A nice thing here is the ability to get one cheeseburger and one vegetable variety in your ordered pair.

A look inside the rather meager cheeseburger version above, vegetable below. Soy and duck sauce are available in packets, both pairing nicely with either variety.

Once guests get past the unnerving nature of a Cheeseburger Spring Roll, the true knock might be the size. They are tiny for the price. You get two rolls in an order, though it is still not a tremendous amount of food. Especially for something that makes ones mouth water so. I would be inclined to try more if the “Featured Flavor” can become a permanent fixture that changes regularly.

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