REVIEW: Spiced Ham Musubi at Disneyland Park Continues Diversity Trend

As we continue our coverage of the Halloween Time offerings available at the Disneyland Resort, we came to the item some of us were most excited to hear about in the announcement. The Spiced Ham Musubi was not the treat you’d expect to see at Disneyland, but it was a welcome surprise.

People might not think of a theme park as being the place someone would go for diversity in food offerings beyond your standard junk food lineup, but Disney Parks & Resorts have worked hard for years to change everyone’s mind on that. For example, one needs to look no further than Epcot on any normal day, let alone during the International Food and Wine Festival. However the diverse options available on both coasts continues to grow each year and people go nuts for it.

Spiced Ham Musubi – $6.99

The Spiced Ham Musubi comes with Lemongrass Jasmine Rice and Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce, served alongside of Pickeled Daikon and Carrots topped with Furikake (Pronounced Food-eh-KAW-kay) Flakes. The musubi is served chilled, which is not traditionally how I have eaten musubi in the past, but it worked well with the cold daikon and carrot slaw. It was actually a refreshingly cool, savory treat on a very hot September day.

At $6.99, the price is not too steep considering it does come with an accompanying slaw, and is about what you might pay for a similar SPAM musubi at your local Hawaiian BBQ restaurant. This item is definitely a recommend from the whole team who tasted it, and if you are already planning on dining at Bengal Barbeque in Disneyland Park, it’s a must add on. I do feel it is much too small for most people to be considered a full meal by any means, but it’s definitely an excellent snack choice or appetizer before that Banyan Beef or Cheiftan Chicken skewer you know you are going to get anyways.

Stay tuned because we have a lot more food reviews from Disneyland’s Halloween Time coming your way!

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