REVIEW: Sunshine Seasons Dumbs Down Menu, Introduces Worst Pizza in WDW at Epcot

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Sunshine Seasons is a quick service location at Epcot inside of The Land pavilion. This location is well known for fresh, tasty entrees that rival table service locations. We’ve had great meals at Sunshine Seasons but their new dishes leave a lot to be desired. A LOT. Introducing the worst pizza in Walt Disney World and it’s accompanying sidekick The Boring-BQ  pork sandwich.

Yeah, the stellar Spicy Fish Tacos are gone. (Moment of silence  to pay respects)


Deep Dish Cheese Pizza with Caesar Salad – $10.49

“Deep dish” means extra dough in this case. Literally there’s enough dough in this corner piece to make an entire new pizza. The sauce and cheese don’t go to the edge, and they’re not embedded into the dough making it a true deep dish – they’re just kind of sitting there on top. We’ve been laying awake at night wondering when a quick service would start offering a basic pizza offering at Epcot, but we never dreamed it would possibly be the worst at Walt Disney World. The mediocre, wet Caesar salad on the side can’t even save this horrible slice. Don’t waste your money, there’s countless BETTER options at Sunshine Seasons.


Barbecue Pork Sandwich with Maple Mustard Barbecue Sauce – $10.99

How do you take the already mediocre Disney pulled pork and make it worse? Add a weird maple mustard barbecue sauce that misses every note. Not only is there not enough sauce, but the overly sweet taste takes center stage with what little there was. It dresses the dry and boring pork just barely. Overall the sandwich just is another boring presentation on the standard Disney pulled pork sandwich. There’s so much potential, especially knowing the other amazing dishes here at Sunshine Seasons, so why waste an entree spot with this boring creation?