Walt Disney World Raises Fountain & Bottled Drink, Popcorn, Pretzel, and Other Snack Item Prices Exponentially

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Snack and beverage prices are on the rise again at Walt Disney World, with increases hitting both bottled and fountain sodas.

Bottled sodas have risen to $4.50 (up from $4), while fountain sodas have increased from $3.29 for a regular and $3.79 for a large to $3.99 for a regular and $4.49 for a large. The price increases have also hit water bottles, with prices rising from $3.00 to $3.50.

Cart (ODV) offerings have also been hit by the increases. A Mickey pretzel has risen to $7, an increase of a dollar from their previous price. Ice cream novelties have risen to $5.75, up from $5 in June, while frozen bananas have risen by fifty cents to $5.75, matching their ice cream counterparts. Frozen fruit offerings, including lemonade-strawberry bars and frozen strawberry bars, have also matched the seventy-five cent increase, though their prices vary.

Most notably, churros are currently $6.25, up a whopping $1.75 from their June prices.

Credit to Rachel Faith on twitter for the photo of the new prices.

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  • ✨Sure , it’s a matter of “supply & Demand “ . We here at Disney are concerned for your calorie intake ✨🤣🌿

  • I will bring groceries with me next Disney visit for certain. I wonder where I can buy some churros?

  • Great! Lately it has been a nightmare with people bringing humongous coolers full of food already. It’s crowded enough without having more coolers around 🙄. Keep prices reasonable for families! This is ridiculous!!

    • Agree! Disney is catering to the rich and famous exclusively making it near impossible for the common person to have a “ magical” Disney experience.

      • Blame the increase to $15 an hour. Like I’ve been saying, increasing the minimum wage by nearly 100% so quickly is only going to hurt the current middle class who will see the cost of everything go up except for their salary since they are already above that threshold.

  • Disney is getting too greedy for their own good. They are pricing out the everyday person with all the price increases. Between the tickets now this huge jump in drinks and food. The dinning plan will go up next if it hasn’t already.

  • Going in January– thanks for the warning! I’ll be bringing my own refillable water bottle like always. I’m surprised that someone decided five bucks for a single ice cream sandwich still wasn’t enough. Wouldn’t be surprised if the price of Dole Whips go up too, as they know people will probably pay it.

  • Someone had to pay for all the new construction, it’s a shame along with the high prices and special things for the very wealthy, the magic is disappearing. Sad.

    • It probably has more to do with the bump in salary to $15 an hour for every cast member. Everyone clamors for an increase on minimum wage until they see how it’ll send the costs of everything up.

  • Have you all been to an MLB, NFL, NHL, or NBA game before or any other sporting event????? These are high but not professional sports high!!

  • Here’s the issue;

    When you go to a place that you will never get to go to again for many years, high prices on things don’t matter that much because it is a one time deal….

    When you go to a place often, then it becomes an issue, and most people who go to Disney Parks go often.

    Raising prices is not conducive to maintaining happy repeat customers.

    But the occasional Guest will just have a good time.

    Striking the balance is the key.

  • This is what happens when you increase wages from 10-12 dollars an hour to 15 dollars an hour. Somebody has to pay for it. Even Disney can’t magically make money out of thin air.

      • That’s exactly right! They’re greedy workers who are demanding $15 an hour who haven’t had any type of formal education are the problem. Ignorant people don’t understand…if the wage increases, so does everything else!

        • The parks division is making plenty of profit. However, if higher prices mean living wages for workers, irrespective of their education level, than I am all for it.

  • Cast Members are receiving historic pay raises. Disney needs to pay for that somehow.
    This is the way!

  • lol you can thank that livable wage… thank God we locked in military discount magic dining plan prior to this for our trip next week.

  • Canceled my October and one of my December trips. No trips planned in 2019 or beyond. I feel even better about these decisions now.

  • The drink prices are officially too high for me now. I was willing to pay $3.75 for a large drink when I visited two years ago, but $4.50 is too much. Looks like I’ll just bring drinks in with me and take advantage of free ice water.

    • I really do have a degree in economics and accounting. This is 100% about paying for Fox and $15/hr cast members. Expect everything at the parks to rise at much higher than the rate of inflation until they finally see a decrease in demand – hasn’t happened yet.

      • Prices will have to increase much more on food before there is a decrease in demand. There are many guests who only come to a Disney park once in their lifetime, and I must say they should make that effort. Until the entrance fee per day equals a week’s wages, they will continue to come. Most of those will not have the experience to bring their own food, so they will buy the $10 hot dogs. (I’m extrapolating.)

  • Everyone can bring their own chilled soda and bottled juice into the parks. Disney won’t confiscate. I always bring one liter Pepsi bottles that cost $1 from the supermarket. Sometimes, I bring premade sandwiches, chips, and cookies. You spend $10 to save $20 a person.

    • Exactly. We have been making sandwiches for lunch and bringing in our own water bottles for years. We only spend $ on one Disney meal a day…usually dinner.

      • Yes. Just watch the wheel chair rental sites. There are a whole lot of people that should have been walking for years, but now they need a wheel chair. Now watch how many of them are using electric wheel chairs.

  • Holy Crap !!! More than A gallon of Gas !!! Imagine if Disney had their own gas pumps !!! They would charge 10.50 per Gallon.

    • Disney actually does have gas pumps on-property at WDW and they are surprisingly some of the most affordable gas prices around.

  • Once again Disney shows the public to shut up and take this! There is soooooo much Greed in Disney its a shame, it’s a Sin to be so greedy and bold to the point that they just don’t give a damn about our families. Disney pay wages never go up so much and so frequently! Florida government should put a stop as it’s like price gouging but legal. Disney get tremendous taxes brakes NEVER contribute to the community; don’t get fooled about the donations scam because the donations come from the Disney employees, employees are harassed to donate and join their causes. Why does the public not stop this greedy corporation? They also are removing the benches and seats from around the parks and increasing or relocating them to the restaurants. So if you want to sit and rest your feet, you’re forced to sit in their restaurants.

  • This will be the last time for a while to go here for me and my family. This is rediculous. It is Disney’s way to monopolize on their own properly legally.

    I am down to try universal if this is the case.

    Just because the patrons of your establishment may be high, doesnt mean that you should be too with these prices.


    • Monopoly, you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • Disney buys bottled water for about 20 cents a bottle. If you don’t like the $3.50 a bottle price don’t buy it. Send a message to Disney by not purchasing these high priced products and you will then see prices adjusted accordingly. If Disney knows they can get it, they certainly will make sure they do.

  • I have always loved Disney. 25 week long vacations (so far). I used to compare prices to other theme parks, and found that Disney actually had cheaper treats (e.g., popcorn) than Six-Flags. But now, things have changed. Disney is becoming a place for the high income families. A lot of the magic is gone.

  • Major expansions for Pandora and Toy Story Land.
    Upcoming additions, Star Wars Land, Guardians of the Galaxy, Remy, Tron, and more.

    All that cost Disney money.
    Most WDW visitors go every 10 years or so. They have no idea of food and drink prices rising.

    Even better because Disney has converted hotel space to DVC, there are fewer hotel rooms. Rapid price increases for DVC (increased roughly $100/pt after incentives in less than 10 years).

    Enjoy the lower prices today because WDW’s 50th will be even more expensive. Fewer discounts in 2021/2022 due to unprecedented visitor numbers.

  • Few things, for fun. Going to the movies, a large soda or popcorn are more than what Disney charges. Obviously the same at sporting events except for the new stadium in Atlanta. I get it, it is expensive but these price increases happen every year regardless of wage increases or mega acquisitions. Your Disney vacation is what you make it. I’m there to have fun and enjoy my time with family and friends, if a soda is an additional $1 so be it. If that is the make or break point then I should be there to begin with. I love being in the Disney parks, they make my 8-5 cube job worth it. Just tired of every year people complaining about price increases but then continue to go anyways. I know most won’t like that take but if everyone really cared or was really priced out the parks wouldn’t be thriving and as busy as they are. Now excuse me while I go sign up for Club 33(just kidding).

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