PHOTOS: First Phase of Panchito’s Remodel Removes Characters from Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort has been under construction for awhile now. The old Pepper Market counter service was replaced in September with El Mercado de Coronado and now, before you get to that, the gift shop, Panchito’s Gifts and Sundries, has received some remodeling of their own.

Panchito’s Gifts and Sundries, now missing the colorful bird above the sign.

All characters have been removed and the store has more of a “contemporary feel” as the resort moves to becoming more tailored for the business and convention center use. Even the beloved donkey, Burrito, that pulled the merchandise cart has been removed to give the store a more modern atmosphere.

Gone are the murals of The Three Caballeros.

A very plain new register in place.

The store is only half finished at the moment. The back of the gift shop still remains under construction but the front of the store gives you a preview of what the rest of the store will look like once all is completed.

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