First Look At Kenneth Cobonpue’s Star Wars Furniture Line Launching October 10th

World renowned Designer Kenneth Cobonpue brings Star Wars to life with his new furniture collection. In an interview, Disney asked Cobonpue to interpret Star Wars “through the lens of a Filipino designer.” This will also be the first ever Star Wars co-brand furniture in Southeast Asia. The Star Wars franchise has expanded rapidly ever since Disney acquired the rights from creator George Lucas.

The collection is to be released October 10th.

Pictured above is a simple chair based off of Darth Vader’s helmet. (Pictures screenshotted from Cobonpue’s Facebook)

An armchair based off of  Emperor Palpatine a.k.a Darth Sidious.

Another unique chair.

The light sabers in this Jedi Knight lamp will be the actual lights for this piece according to the previews.

Another look at the Sidious inspired chair.

The Vader inspired easy armchair. It also features a foldable swivel table.

Chewbacca inspired stool.

This Imperial Wings end table would accompany the matching chair.

These miniature characters (shown in the 3 photos above) will be released soon. They are currently still in the concept stage.


The collection will be sold exclusively in the Philippines. Cobonpue stated “Our license is only for the Philippines. Right now we have a lot of people from all over the world who want to see it, so they have to get it through a Filipino.” Also, the prices have not been disclosed for the collection.

Cobonpue has won five awards from the Japan Good Design Awards as well as the Grand Prize at Singapore’s International Design Competition. He also received the French coup de coeur award.

More information regarding the launch can be found on Kenneth Cobonpue’s Facebook page or his website.