PHOTO: Dismantled Animatronic Picture Leaks from Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom

Tom Corless

PHOTO: Dismantled Animatronic Picture Leaks from Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom

To further confirm our report from a few weeks ago, a user on Reddit has leaked a supposed photo of a dismantled Stitch animatronic figure from the now-closed Stitch’s Great Escape attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

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We already told you a few weeks ago that this process was taking place and that the attraction would not return despite Disney’s statement. Disney has yet to tell the public that the attraction is gone.


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27 thoughts on “PHOTO: Dismantled Animatronic Picture Leaks from Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom”

  1. Honestly I don’t believe that picture is real. I could understand them harvesting parts off it, but to pretty much dissect it in the worst possible way makes no sense. What else would use his eyes? Why does it look like someone torched it? This doesn’t mean the ride isn’t being scrapped, I just think someone went happy with photoshop.

    • Unless you’re an Imagineer, no one knows how these things are built, so who are we to criticize how they disassemble something? The mechanics attached to the eyes are probably being re-used on another project. Albeit “older” technology, they recycle stuff all of the time. It does not look like it’s torched. That’s what raw metal looks like. No reason to polish it when it’s covered with a skin. And why would anyone spend one ounce of energy photoshopping this? What is there to gain?

  2. Putting that out as a Halloween decoration, right? Maybe a sign in front: “This is what happens to those who deface my castle” – Cinderella

  3. Stitch is creepy…. buuut what do you think they’ll do with this space? Tomorrowland really doesn’t need another gift shop or quick service restaurant. Maybe they’ll use it as another character meet and greet space? Or something? It bothers me a bit, because the attraction has big potential, the (seemingly expensive) theater could become something else cool….

  4. Holy poop, that is terrifying. It looks like the gremlin melting at the end of… well “Gremlins”. I doubt Lilo would take that monster in, it looks like it would eat her.

  5. Disney just needs to bring bring back alien encounter period they can set wreck it ralph some place else alien encounter was well received when it first opened until these overzealous parents had to ruin it

  6. That is really freaky. I liked Stitch’s Great Escape until they lowered those bars into my shoulders that did not allow me to move. I do realize that also happens on Aerosmith and most roller coasters, but it was freaky to me, even so, I had to do it each trip just to see stitch. Stitch is awesome and just embodies the wild child in all of us. He’s awesome.

  7. When did last week(Tuesday) become a few weeks ago?? Also, it seems most people forgot that there are two theaters in this attractions. This could be from the second theater that Disney had said was closing down sometime before they closed it all together. Though I do think it is completely shut down now, this isn’t really evidence of that. The other theater may still be in full working order.

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