PHOTOS: New World Showcase Shot Glass, Pint Glass, and Ornament Collection Released at Epcot, Annual Passholder Items & Collector’s Box Included

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New World Showcase items have started to arrive at Epcot. The new collection, called “The Flag Program” internally, includes shot glasses (toothpick holders, as Disney calls them), pint glasses, and ornaments for each country.

World Showcase Shot Glass/Toothpick Holder Starter Set
World Showcase Passholder Completer Shot Glass/Toothpick Holder

In a change from years past, annual passholders can purchase a starter box (pictured above) of toothpick holders with Japan, Morocco, China, and a completer toothpick holder included. This set also includes a display box that will hold all 12 shot glasses/toothpick holders. We don’t have a price for this set as it isn’t out just yet. You will then find individual countries for purchase around World Showcase for $9.99 each.

The individual World Showcase shot glasses/toothpick holders for sale at World Traveler

Despite the existence of the starter box, we found Japan, Morocco, and China for sale separately as well.

The back of all of the “toothpick holders” is the same

Separately, each country will have its own pint glasses and ornaments for sale as well.

The pint glasses are $13.99 each.

The American Adventure Epcot Ornament, $19.99

The ornaments retail for $19.99 each.

The American Adventure Epcot Ornament, $19.99
The American Adventure Epcot Ornament, $19.99
Italy Epcot Ornament, $19.99
Italy Epcot Ornament, $19.99

The backs of the ornaments and the pint glasses actually reflect the colors of the corresponding country’s flag.

Germany Epcot Ornament, $19.99
Norway Epcot Ornament, $19.99
Mexico Epcot Ornament, $19.99

Note that we have only found select items from the line released already, so you may not find every piece you are looking for until the entire line is available in a few days time.

Annual Passholder Exclusive World Showcase Ornament

Annual passholders will also be able to purchase a special completer ornament, pictured above, at some point in time.

We’ll keep you posted as this collection is slowly released at Epcot.

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I suppose you can take collecting to the extreme. If you are fanatical enough, you should buy each glass in the country pavilion it represents and save the receipt to prove it. A complete collection would probably take multiple trips to Epcot.

Hard Rock used to only sell their Tee shirts in the city they represent. I had one from Stockholm which was considered rare. Don’t know if they still do that.


Saw the tote from this collection and I’m in love! Any idea when these will be available on the shop disney app??? I don’t think I can wait until my next trip at Christmas!