PHOTOS: See What Halloween 2018 Has to Offer at Tokyo Disney Resort

This year I was able to experience Halloween at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Tokyo Disneyland has a ghostly theme to it. They take a playfully fun and cute approach to this theme.

Mickey and Minnie have festive Halloween outfits:

For the most part, only Westernland (Tokyo Disneyland’s version of Frontierland, as they don’t have a direct translation for Frontier)…

and Toontown are decorated.

Westernland has some photo spots set up, including this one If you want to take an awkward photo kissing some pumpkins.

And this one, if you want to pretend that the pumpkins are getting their revenge.

At night everything light ups:

Fantasyland also has a few decorations:

But most importantly it has Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare.

Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare is quite similar to the Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland in California with a couple differences

Lock, Shock, and Barrell and Sally are featured more while Oogie Boogie is hardly featured.

The gingerbread house in the ballroom isn’t quite the spectacle that it is at Disneyland.

The best part about Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland is the brand new “Spooky Boo!” parade.

The song is really catchy with amusing lyrics and each float is themed to attractions from around the park.

Much like Tokyo Disney’s other parades, there is even a rainy-day version. This comes into play frequently considering September and October are part of typhoon season. The rainy-day version is a shortened version but features the characters in adorable custom clear rain coats playing around in the rain.

Over at Tokyo DisneySea the park is themed to the Disney Villains .

The entrance corridor features these awesome lenticular banners in which the Disney Friends transform into Disney Villains depending on the angle it is viewed.

The only other part of Tokyo DisneySea that is particularly decorated is the American Waterfront port. Here you can find photo ops with statues of some of the Disney Villains.

Tokyo DisneySea also features “The Villains World”, a show on Mediterranean Harbor featuring the Disney Friends attending a party hosted by the Disney Villains. Even though this show also has an alternative rainy-day version, it was sadly cancelled when I was there.

Finally, it just wouldn’t be the Tokyo Disney Resort without appropriately themed confectionaries and merchandise

I found Halloween a wonderful time to visit the Tokyo Disney Resort and hope that the event continues to expand in the future.