PHOTOS: Work Underway on Entrance to New Ratatouille Area in France at Epcot

Work has been underway for some time now on the new Ratatouille ride for Epcot, located in the France pavilion. Now, Disney has started to clear the way for the entrance to this new sub-land to the 1982 World Showcase pavilion.

To the left, along the building’s edge, lies the path that will allow guests to travel behind the existing pavilion.

Guests will access the new area via the walkway to the right of the pavilion, just past the character greeting gazebo. Yes, this does seem like it will be a huge bottleneck and yes, it does lead down to a dead-end where the attraction will be located behind the existing pavilion. I do hope they have thought this through…

This wall and gate will eventually become the portal to the Ratatouille area. Additional facade elements will be installed on the existing buildings along the path.

Here’s the concept art to give you a better idea of the finished product. The narrow path to the left is the one which we are looking at in the above photos.

As of right now, the targeted opening date of the Ratatouille attraction at Epcot is May 2020, but it is rumored the sub-land could open sooner with a new “build-your-own crepe” location.