disneyland paris brochure seasons timeline 2019

Disneyland Paris Event Slate for 2019

With the release of the Disneyland Paris Brochure for 2019, it’s time to start planning your next trip and Disney have been kind enough to give us a helping hand.

2019 Events

The events which have been confirmed for 2019 include;

  • Legends of the Force: a celebration of Star Wars – 12th January to 17th March 2019
  • Festival of Pirates and Princesses – 19th January to 17th March 2019
  • Marvel Season of Super Heroes – 23rd March to 16th June 2019
  • Magical Pride* – 1st June 2019
  • The Lion King and Jungle Festival – July to September 2019
  • Rendez Vous Gourmand Food Festival – Dates To Be Confirmed
  • Electroland* – Summer 2019
  • Halloween Festival – 31st October 2019
  • Run Disney Weekend* – 19th to 22nd September 2019
  • Disney Loves Jazz – Dates To Be Confirmed
  • Enchanted Christmas – Mid November 2019 to January 2020
  • Disney’s New Years Eve Party* – 31st December 2019
  • Star Wars Season – January to March 2020

(*Events require an extra ticket in addition to your park pass in order to enjoy everything the parks have to offer for these celebrations).

disneyland paris brochure seasons timeline 2019
Infographic created by Disney for the main seasonal events happening throughout 2019 and into 2020 at Disneyland Paris.

New Events

Most of these events are recognisable from previous years, with only one obvious newcomer; The Lion King and Jungle Festival.

“If you love carnivals and adventure, you’ll go bananas for The Lion King & Jungle Festival, a brand new all-swinging, all-dancing season mesmerising Disneyland® Park from July to September 2019*.

THE LION KING & JUNGLE FESTIVAL This is your chance to ‘oobee doo’, shake a tail feather and feel the rhythm of a bouncing jungle habitat overgrown with fresh new shows and immersive experiences alongside a tribe of friends from The Lion King and The Jungle Book, such as Timon & Pumbaa, Baloo and King Louie.”

-Quotation from the Disneyland Paris 2019 Brochure.

This festival will coincide with the brand new Lion King show at the newly renovated Chaparral Theater in Walt Disney Studios Park, and the release of the live- action remake of The Lion King on July 19, 2019. This event celebrates the 25th anniversary of the film.

ldisneyland paris mickey and the magician lion king show

Changes to previous events

Electroland will be moving from the Walt Disney Studio Parks and making its way into the Disneyland Paris park. Disneyland Paris will be swapping the backdrop of Tower of Terror for Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant. This will be an exciting change for music lovers, giving them the chance to party in front of the castle. For an example of the line-up, look at our article here on the fantastic DJs who graced the stage in 2018.

Awaiting dates

Two events which have been confirmed but we have yet to receive dates for include Disney Loves Jazz and Rendez Vous Gourmand Food Festival.

Last year’s dates were;

  • 27th July to 30th September 2018 Rendez Vous Gourmand Food Festival
  • 29th September 2018 for Disney Loves Jazz

Although it is possible the date may change, we would expect them to be around this time of year again if you are dying to add them to your calendar.

Disney Loves Jazz Disneyland Paris promo

In addition to this, there are the monthly Pin Trading Nights held across the different Disney Hotels, typically on the last Friday of every month. These are official events hosted by Disney for the release of new pins, and are a different theme each month. Although I have not been myself, I’ve heard great things about these free events from avid pin traders, although the 35 price tag for three mystery pins may seem a bit of a gamble for some. I will make sure to go myself and report back to you all.

Information about upcoming Pin Trading Night can be found on the monthly pin trading release brochures.


With an increasing number and wider variety of events coming to Disneyland Paris next year, each season is bound to have something for each and every Disney fan – making 2019 a year not to be missed.

What are you looking forward to most?

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