REVIEW: New Tinker Bell Pixie-Dusted Ice Cream Cone from Storybook Treats at the Magic Kingdom

New to Storybook Treats in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom is Tink’s Pixie-Dusted Cone.

The Peter Pan Float remains if you prefer that.

 Pixie-Dusted Cone ($5.29)

This cone is made with the now ubiquitous lime soft serve (it keeps popping up in treats here) and is topped with white chocolate wings and lime cotton candy. There’s also a sugary “Pixie Dust” topping, as you’ll see below.

I personally prefer the Key Lime soft serve in the float, but this is enjoyable and fun. Ice cream and cotton candy make a surprisingly good flavor when put together, so be sure to get a spoon and combine some bites. You’ll also want a lot of napkins based on our experience. As you can see, it also takes a great picture (and gets a lot of attention walking around Fantasyland).

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