REVIEW: New Gourmet Flavored Cotton Candy at Disney Springs

Goofy’s Candy Company at Disney Springs is swirling a new limited time line of “Gourmet Flavored” cotton candy. In contrast to the classic confection offered in the store, this candy floss is made with all natural flavors and colors with 13 unique tastes, including birthday cake, berry smoothie, cinnamon bun, candy cane and the three reviewed – toasted marshmallow, gingerbread man, and egg nog.

Overall, with each reviewed, the main takeaways were the same. Gone are the colors you usually associate with cotton candy, as each was either white or a very pale off-white. This is due to the natural colors in use, but, in any case, the easiest way to distinguish one ball of sugar fluff from the other was now missing and, at times, we had to strain to tell the difference between flavors if we lost track of which bag was which. This might not be an issue with mango or lemon drop, but the subtleties of egg nog are completely lost when transformed into candied air.

So is this “gourmet” offering worth a shot? Perhaps. If a flavor really jumps out at you, give it a go. It’s cotton candy after all so spun sugar is still what you get in the end. Just don’t expect an overtaking bold flavor. The Jelly Belly of cotton candy this is not.

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  1. Heading to DW in 3 weeks from South Africa.
    Looking forward to trying the Christmas goodies. Although may be bankrupt by the end of it.

    With the state of our currency, for this same cotton candy price I could buy 8 bigger packets in SA.
    Ah well, we will be on holiday…

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