REVIEW: Shi Wasu Holiday Kitchen (Japan) – Epcot International Festival of the Holidays 2018

Try the seasonal treats from the “Land of the Rising Sun” at the Shi Wasu Holiday Kitchen. Featured in Japan at the World Showcase, this is one of the many offerings at this year’s Epcot International Festival of the Holidays – running from Nov. 18th through Dec. 30th.


Food Items:

  • New Year Celebration Soba: Buckwheat Soba Noodles in Hot Dashi Soup with Chicken and Spinach
  • Holiday Green Tea “Yule Log”: Delicate Spongecake rolled with Whipped Cream Filling


  • Ichigo Milk Boba: Popping Strawberry Boba Cream Drink with Japanese Calpico (non-alcoholic)
  • Sapporo Draft Beer
  • Cinnamon Apple Cider: Plum Wine, Orange Juice with Lemonade and Apples


New Year Celebration Soba – $6.75

Made of buckwheat soba noodles in hot dashi soup with chicken and spinach, this dish is one of the heartiest of the Festival and would be great for a chilly Epcot evening. It’s a big serving with the only downside being that the chicken lacked any real flavor amongst the rest of the soba.

Holiday Green Tea “Yule Log” – $5.00

A delicate spongecake rolled with whipped cream filling, this yule log is the worst version at the Festival. There isn’t a hint of green tea flavor in the cake and only the taste of the cream could be found. Skip this and go for Canada’s Yule Log instead.

Ichigo Milk Boba (Non-Alcoholic)  – $5.25

The best non-alcoholic drink at the Festival, this is a popping strawberry boba cream drink with Japanese calpico. It’s sort of a creamy punch. It was highly enjoyed and reminds us of a strawberry creamsicle.

Cinnamon Apple Cider – $7.25

In this cider, plum wine and orange juice are mixed with lemonade and apples. The drink was neither overly sweet or boozy, leaving it with a pleasant taste, but not overly impactful. Get the milk boba instead.

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