‪REVIEW: Winter Sliderland – Festival of Holidays 2018 at Disney California Adventure‬

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The Winter Sliderland booth is one you will probably want to give a try during DCA’s Festival of Holidays celebration. This booth is a bit unique in that it is off of the food booth trail and is positioned near the Grizzly River Run Wheel.

The food options are as follows:

  • Roasted Turkey Slider with Cranberry Sauce
  • Holiday Stuffing Mac & Cheese
  • Milk Chocolate Candy Cane Pot de Crème

The Roasted Turkey Slider with Cranberry Sauce ($7.50)

This tasted like Thanksgiving on a bun. It could have used one more flavor to make it worthy of its price tag, but no one was complaining after eating it. It’s straightforward turkey on a slider bun with cranberry sauce.

Roasted Turkey Slider with Cranberry Sauce

Holiday Stuffing Mac & Cheese ($7.75)

This was unanimously approved of by our group. Our college aged reviewer Michel had this to say about it – “The Holiday Stuffing Mac and Cheese is amazing. For starters, the cheese is great, not your usual mac accompaniment, which gives the macaroni a stronger flavor and it feels like more than something you could make in a college student’s kitchen. Throw the stuffing on top and you’ve got a dish that would make Remy proud, combining the salty stuffing with the strong cheese and the always reliable macaroni to make a snack that some members of our crew would eat as an actual dish. Winner winner stuffing dinner!” As Remy would say “If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff!”

Holiday Stuffing Mac and Cheese

Milk Chocolate Candy Cane Pot de Crème ($4.50)

It’s a small and simple dessert, but packs big flavor. This is one of the better dessert options among the various booths. The crushed candy cane bits with the milk chocolate flavor make you feel as though you are eating a peppermint mocha styled dessert. If you don’t like the combination of chocolate and peppermint then this is not for you, but for those of you who like (or even love) that combination then you will definitely enjoy this dessert.

Milk Chocolate Candy Cane Pot de Creme

You have from November 9th until January 8th to enjoy the Festival of Holidays food booths at DCA!

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