Google Home Mickey

Your Google Home Mini Can Be Turned Into A Google Home Mickey

Do you already own a Google Home Mini? Now you can bring Mickey into your home with a Mickey Mouse base for your Google Home Mini. The Den Series for Google Home Mini featuring Mickey Mouse is an official collaboration between Google and Disney, and is available to purchase for $19.95 at

Den Series for Google Home Mini featuring Mickey Mouse

Google Home Mickey

The non-slip base props up the Google Home Mini at an angle to provide easy interaction without interfering with the device functions, and is designed to make the power cord look like a tail. It looks very cool if you ask me!

Non-Slip Base

Google Home Mickey
If you have never owned a Google Home Mini, but welcome the opportunity to bring some more Disney into your home, you may want to consider picking one up. The Google Home Mini provides hands-free help in any room. You are able to ask it questions, and tell it do things. You can use your voice to quickly find information about weather, news, and sports. You can also use Google Home Mini like a personal Google Assistant, to help with your schedule, commute, and travel information. You can also control music, movies, and shows using individualized voice recognition.

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Google Home Mickey

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