BREAKING: Buzzy Audio-Animatronic from Cranium Command Attraction Stolen at Epcot

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Missing: Buzzy the Audio Animatronic. Last seen wearing a bomber jacket, green cap, and glasses. If you see him, please report to #FindBuzzy.

Have you seen me?

Social media is buzzing right now about Buzzy, the audio-animatronic that was stolen right from Epcot recently. Cranium Command is an old attraction that was part of the Wonders of Life Pavilion. The attraction starred Buzzy, an audio-animatronic member of the Cranium Command, as he helps navigate the daily struggles of a young boy from inside his head. It’s hard to believe, but Buzzy was stolen from the attraction and removed from Epcot without anyone noticing. And he’s still missing.

Cranium Command closed in 2007

Cranium Command has sat dormant in the Wonders of Life Pavilion at Epcot since January 2007. The space between attractions in the pavilion has been used several times as a Festival Center since then. While Body Wars has been mostly destroyed, Cranium Command was pretty much left to rot. The theater is actually set to be condemned soon for some structural issues according to WDWNT sources, and Disney chose this route over demolition. Chances are that the perpetrator knew this. So how could our beloved audio-animatronic Buzzy go missing? And why?

Stealing an audio animatronic requires two things: technical knowledge of how to disconnect it and a team of people to carry it, as they are quite heavy. How a company as large as the Walt Disney Company could be unaware of a team of people trespassing into a building and doing this is mind-boggling. Someone would need to have some experience to cut a pressurized hydraulic line. According to sources, there was hydraulic oil spilled everywhere when he was removed by the culprits.

After disconnecting Buzzy, it would also take more than one person to carry him out. How does something like this happen without Disney security noticing? This also raises safety concerns for guests, as if someone without authorization drove a truck into a backstage area in a park to do something like this, what would stop someone with more serious intentions?

WDWNT will keep you up to date on the situation as we find out more.