Disneyland Paris Reveals Plans for Solar Energy Site; Considering Name Change for Walt Disney Studios Park

In an effort to reduce their energy usage, Disneyland Paris has revealed plans to build a solar energy site.

Disney’s plans were highlighted in a Forbes article over the weekend. The site, would be built on top of the current guest parking garage, and capable of supplying 33 Gigawatt hours per year, or 15 percent of the resort’s annual energy usage. The plans are currently being toured around the area in an effort to provide transparency to local residents, as part of Disney’s deal with the French government.

News of these efforts comes not long before a massive solar energy facility is expected to open at Walt Disney World, which will be capable of powering two theme parks per year.

The article also reveals that Disney may be considering a name change for Walt Disney Studios Park, as the park undergoes a massive expansion, with lands themed to Marvel, Star Wars, and Frozen already announced. The article reads:

The consultation documents state that β€œit is still a theme park based on Disney films and franchises, therefore, the name Studios is still valid. But it is true that we are transforming the Walt Disney Studios Park, it is possible that we consider another name, but we have not made any decision at this stage.”

It should be noted that Disney was also considering a name change for its other studio park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but ultimately abandoned the effort.