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BREAKING: Disney Says Hollywood Studios Park Name is Staying, Releases New Art for Toy Story Land

In response to the recent unsubstantiated rumors swirling around the internet that the name of Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be changing, Disney stated today that “the Disney’s Hollywood Studios name will remain the same for the foreseeable future since we are immersing our guests in a place where imagined worlds of Hollywood unfold around them from movies and music, to television and theater”.

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Disney also released some new concept art for Toy Story Land today, showing off the Alien Swirling Saucers ride.

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Once the aliens have powered up their flying saucers, you’ll get to climb into a toy rocket and hang on as aliens lead the way on an interstellar romp set to an out-of-this-world beat. And if you’re really lucky, you just might get “chosen” by the claw!



  1. Might look cool at night… I just hope they don’t have tea cup like switchbacks surrounding it.

  2. Add this to the long list of rumors started by Jim Hill that turn out to be completely false.

    1. Hes busy making up a story about talking to a non-existent imagineer explaining why he was wrong.

  3. They should at least change it to something like Disney’s Hollywood Adventure since it’s not a studio.

    1. But Disney’s Hollywood Studios in real life are Disney, PIXAR, Lucasfilm, and MARVEL, which is for the most part what the park presents. Also, working Studios elements still exist, such as the soundstage buildings. Even the new stage rollaway show pretends it’s a “scene change”.

  4. The Jim Hill spin: it was a leak to gauge public opinion, which turned out to be uniformly negative.

  5. I took family member to Hollywood Studios ( I’m a cast member and get in free) They said, “I thought you said we were going to Disney…This place is a construction mess with really not much to do”

    I replied “This is Disney now”

    Their reply “I’ll pay to get us in Universal, get us out of this mess”

    I have to agree. Embarrassed to say I work for WDW. Chapek really has dropped the ball. Whatever the name, it’s going to be nice to have redone areas, but they needed to add to, and refurbish, not take away. A lack of attractions here in Orlando’s Disney for the number of hotels built.

      1. Agree with you completely Tom! Every Disney fan wants them to expand the parks and refurbish rides and blah blah blah.. BUT, when they actually do it, and do it to a degree where they are adding a LOT more attractions and areas, people bitch and complain about it. Then, if Disney would have done this at a slower pace and closed a little something here and then a little something there, people would complain that they aren’t doing it fast enough. Yikes! You just can’t make some people happy.

      2. No, we’d prefer that they add attractions instead of just replace them, taking areas away and 4 years later putting in replacement. The area is overdue for a 5th park with all the vacation club and hotels they put in. The quality of the parks isn’t going the right direction Tom, you’d have to agree. And the attractions they’re replacing, we’d wish they have guest experience in mind at least a little bit, not all about sales and promotions of franchises.

    1. So in essence you purposely brought your family to a park that is in a tremendous transition period for the sake of shock value just so that you could feign embarrassment and complain? If you have family who has never gone to Disney and want to experience Disney, you bring them to the Magic Kingdom. You did that purely for the purposes of getting attention and glorifying Universal (which is ridiculous but that’s a whole other conversation) while feeling like you are martyring yourself.

      “This is Disney now”.


      If you were so embarrassed, you wouldn’t have done it.

      Remember that minor little person who said that progress was the most important thing and Disney World would never be complete because it should always be changing? What was his name? Hmmm….oh, yeah. Walt Disney.

      Get over yourself and stop thinking it makes you cool to talk about hating Disney so much — on a Disney blog.

  6. Regardless of your opinion of this new land, good or bad, you have to admit that it’s disappointing that both of the rides are in essence, “kiddie” rides.

    1. I appreciate “kiddie” rides in a park that focuses on thrill & shows. There will be something for everyone.

    2. Charge them double, give them half as much, and make them stand in longer lines. All statements that are obviously being echoed at WDW. Love the parks legacy, but they have slipped.

    3. I most certainly do not have to admit that I’m disappointed by that. I’m very happy about that. Considering my child has no interest in Tower of Terror or Rockin’ Roller Coaster and I will only do Tower of Terror, it will be nice to have rides in this park that we can enjoy together. There’s no need for everything to be about thrills and it would be fairly absurd to have thrill rides in a toy-themed land.

  7. Just went for a quick morning at DHS and the whole TSMM queue it outside .. it didn’t look fun at all. The merge point is the only part inside.

    1. We were surprised by that, too, when we went last weekend. It makes sense once I realized that the entrance is in the process of being switched to the other side of the building so it will face Toy Story Land. For now, almost all of the indoor queue is walled off.

  8. All the best scams and ripoffs need to change names every few years. Its only about $30 per ride or you can watch a 20 year old show based on movies you already saw. They also closed the playground and took away the Christmas lights. Suckers!

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