Pixar Pier 4

PHOTO REPORT: Disney California Adventure 2/7/18 (PIXAR Pier Construction, Avalon Cove, Lunar New Year, ETC.)

On the eve of the park’s 17th anniversary, we take a trip to Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort…

Welcome to California

Esplanade banners

Paradise Pier banners can still be found in the esplanade between Disney California Adventure and Disneyland.

DCA Sign

Paradise Pier is still visible on this map on Buena Vista Street.

DCA Map 2

That looks like fun in the sun for everyone.

Rose Ears DCA

Rose Gold ears are back in stock! You can purchase these for $24.99 at many locations.

Bread closed DCA

In Pacific Wharf, the Boudin Bakery Tour is seen closed and guarded by a cast member. Otherwise, annual pass holders would likely break in for some free bread.

Golden Vine Winery Sign DCA

Golden Vine Winery has gone under construction along with most of the park.

DCA con Winery

DCA Winery walls

DCA winery Walls 2

The Sonoma Terrace is still accessible during construction.


Paradise Pier conc

It has been a little more than a month since construction began to change Paradise Pier into what will be called PIXAR Pier.

Pier conc

Here we see the conversion of Ariel’s Grotto into a still-unnamed concept in the foreground, with California Screamin’ becoming the Incredicoaster in the background.

Paradise pier conc 2

Here we see the scream tunnels being worked on, many of which will be enclosed and add scenic elements.

Paradise Pier Conc 3

Mickey’s Fun wheel gondolas have been removed and the wheel itself is surrounded in a sea of scaffolding. The ride will return with PIXAr characters on the gondolas, but Mickey’s face remaining.

Midway Mania DCA Wait time

Before you reach the pier, this lovely sign can indicate how long standby is for Midway Mania. In the background, you can see that the Paradise Pier entry signage is all gone.

Midway Mania FP

Across from Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, a Toy Story Midway Mania Fastpass Distribution site can be found (it would be kind of a pain to go all the way down there just to get a FastPass and then have to return again to ride, so this makes sense).

Midway Mania FP 2

DCA Pier walls 3

The spire and signage at the entrance to Treasures in Paradise is history.

DCA Pier walls 2

Characters from many PIXAR films can be found on these walls.

Pixar Pier 9

Concept art of PIXAR Pier can be found on these walls, too.

Pixar Pier 3

Pixar Pier 1

This piece of art has been revised. The theater next to Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff is now PIXAR Promenade. We’re not sure what will be inside now, but the new band act is featured outside in this art.

Pixar Pier 4

In removing Ariel’s Grotto, we can see that simple decals were used to cover the windows. Avalon Cove signage remains underneath, the last vestiges of the failed Wolfgang Puck restaurant that opened with the park.

Pixar Pier 5

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

The Cove Bar sign is still up as it will return for one last run in March.

Pixar Pier 6

Pixar Pier 7


Pixar Pier 8

Peeking through the transparent walls, you can’t really see anything unfortunately.

Pixar Pier con 19

Pixar Pier con 18

Pixar Pier 10

This may actually be worse than back in 2009-10.

Pixar Pier 14

Pixar Pier 15

These people aren’t just standing around for nothing, they’re in line for Midway Mania. The construction walls create a dead end after the queue entrance.

Pixar Pier 16

The bathrooms are still be open for the time being.

Pixar Pier 13

As seen by concept art for Pixar Pier, King’s Triton’s Carousel will be transformed into a Toy Story carousel of some sort. This will close in March for the overhaul.

Pixar Pier con 17

Over the construction walls, you can see the remains of the California Screamin’ signage.


Signs are posted along Paradise Pier (soon to be PIXAR Pier) for directions. What remains of the land is now Paradise Park.

Drums LYN

Army men DCA

The green army men at work patrolling the streets.

Goofys sky school sun

Goofy’s Sky School looks very popular after it’s been away under refurbishment.

Lunar New Year


To kick off the year right, DCA welcomed guests with Lunar New Year! This event offered specialty food and drinks, a Mulan and Mushu meet and greet, and of course, the star of it all, Pluto! Please feel free to click this link to find out the 9 reasons to visit Lunar New Year now through February 18th.



LNY banner

AP LNY Photo Op

Lunar New Year at DCA offers fun filled opportunities that include receiving an exclusive AP button and having your photo taken. For more information please click here!

LNY Face paint DCA

Complimentary face painting! I would take advantage of this opportunity while you still can!

Up a Creek

Redwood Trail Con DCA 2

The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is also under refurbishment.

Redwood Trail Con DCA

A peek through the walls…

What do you think of all the construction currently going on at California Adventure?