Ride Rehab Podcast Episode 1 – “Future World is Not Enough”

Tyler and Thomas push their ideas together, talk noisy ride vehicles, an outdated Land, your unnamed Mission: Space host, and a story-less trip in the Seas.

Welcome to the debut episode of Ride Rehab, a new podcast brought to you by WDWNT.

If you had unlimited time, money, and Imagineers at your disposal, what about Walt Disney World would you fix? Host and WIGS Member Tyler Mann and co-host Thomas Kiernan will delve into the details of what’s “broken” at Walt Disney World, coming up with creative ways of fixing, replacing, improving, and rehabbing our favorite, or not so favorite, rides, shows, and other attractions.

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  1. Sadly I agree Jason, WDW in Orlando has become he running joke of our family. They are decades behind re-habing Epcot and introducing new attractions. A new attraction is not putting in a new overlay on an old one, sorry. Epcot hasn’t had a new attractions in decades, and a one track short roller coaster doesn’t cut it as enough.

    Disney should build a 5th park, and rotate closing the other 4 parks to overhaul them. Hollywood Studios should be an embarrassment. It’s a construction zone with little to do, and they took away more rides and attractions than replacing with new advertising areas for Star Wars and Toy Story.

    Tokyo Disney is getting a new entire theme park, not all generated around advertising. Disney Orlando has become a forgotten waste land unfortunately with so little added or upkept in the last 20 years.

  2. While having a fifth gate and rotating full park closures for rehab purposes sounds awesome, there is no way any company would do that. That would be financial suicide even for a global powerhouse like Disney.

    But, I certainly agree that Epcot has become a shell of its former late 80’s/early 90’s greatness. And while I wouldn’t say that WDW is a forgotten wasteland, it has seemingly become a victim of its own enormity. Having grown up with a single park and two resorts, I can see how the property has been somewhat crushed underneath its own weight. It simply grew too fast for its own good. And now it seems there’s more work to do than there was when they built the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gates.

  3. Is there an RSS feed for just this podcast? The RSS link appears to contain every episode of all WDWNT podcasts.

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