Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Announced Exclusively for Nintendo Switch

During the 2018 Game Awards, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order was announced exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

The game has been set for a 2019 release date, meaning by the time the game comes out, it’ll have been 10 years since the last entry in the series.

The trailer shows many of Marvel’s most iconic characters sporting their respective MCU costumes, making what looks to be an interesting mishmash of Avengers and 90s Marvel cartoons.

What’s really interesting is that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is being developed by Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden, Metroid: Other M, Nioh) and published by Nintendo. The original two Marvel Ultimate Alliance games were published by Activision and available on all platforms. The first game was developed by Raven, while the second one was helmed by Vicarious Visions.

One obvious change to the series that can be seen in the trailer is that the game can now be played in a third-person perspective, as well as the top-down, isometric style of the first two games. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 looks to be more of a brawler than previous entries, a slight departure from the series’ dungeon crawler roots.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order will come exclusively to Nintendo Switch in 2019. In the meantime, learn more about the latest in Marvel gaming by checking out our comprehensive review for Marvel’s Spider-Man, which recently got some new downloadable content.

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