PHOTOS: New Attraction Company Pens Spotted At Walt Disney World

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A really neat new 6 pack of pens has been spotted at M. Mouse Mercantile at The Grand Floridian. The pens feature fake businesses based off of Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park attractions! While these look like pretty plain pens you might get for free by dropping into a local business office, you’ll see the fun references upon closer inspection.

The set retails for $14.99 and are expected to be released at many stores around both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort soon!

Among the attractions referenced are Big Thunder Mountain Railroad…

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room…

The Jungle Cruise…

The Haunted Mansion (they misspelled “psychic”), The TTA Peoplemover, and…

Pirates of the Caribbean!

This is such a creative and unique set that Disney Parks fans are going to love! Which fake company is your favorite in the set (or maybe one that you wish was real)?

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