REVIEW: Christmas Cupcakes Are A Mixed Bag From Sprinkles At Disney Springs

Sprinkles at Disney Springs is now serving up some festival flavors and, while a previous seasonal offering’s return is welcome, the newest treat might be too sweet for even a sugarplum fairy.

Holiday Gingerbread – $5.25

A returning favorite, this spiced ginger cake topped with cream cheese frosting and dusted with cinnamon sugar is a perfect gingerbread treat. The dense cake gives just the right chewy texture while the flavors play a mild balance to the frosting in a way that other Sprinkles cupcakes miss the mark on, causing them to become overly sweet. The only complaint is that the tiny gingerbread man garnish is so inedible I thought for a moment I wasn’t suppose to eat it at all. This is a very minor complaint for a cupcake that gets so much so right.

Christmas Cookie – $5.25

This consists of vanilla cake mixed with red and green sprinkles and topped with buttercream frosting (with more sprinkles) and a homemade sugar cookie. This cupcake really does taste like the Christmas treat you make at home and smother with frosting, but you have to think through what that actually means – it’s like stacking five sugar cookies on top of each other and taking a bite. It…is…sweet. If you can handle that, you might still be put off by the floury aftertaste it leaves stuck to your gums. Giving credit where credit is due, this certainly accomplishes its goal, but it just might be too much Christmas cheer for anybody.

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