Welcome To WDWNT: The RPG

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Welcome to WDWNT The RPG, a tabletop style role-playing game built from the ground up and custom written around Walt Disney World. Tyler Mann, co-host of the Ride Rehab Podcast here on WDWNT is your Parks Manager and guide to this fun and magical adventure, with WDWNT on air personalities Matthew Soberman, Nick LoCicero, Alicia Keiser, Jessica Figueroa, Pete Carney, Rob Whiteside, Ashley Jasmer, Megan Bresnan, and other special guests taking part as the players.

Each episode on WDWNT The RPG, our cast players will journey into magical versions of their favorite rides and attractions to solve mysteries, discover secrets, explore, and much more. Occasionally using 20 sided dice, Tyler Mann, of the Ride Rehab Podcast, acts as their Parks Manager telling them what they are seeing, and how well their actions proceed. With fun new characters, and a story branching through each episode, you’re invited to listen along and let the adventure begin! Join the community on social media with #WDWNTtheRPG and follow WDWNT on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook for updates on when the next episode is airing!

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