Disney’s polynesian resort Specialty Burger Disney food

REVIEW: Captain Cook’s Specialty Burger Is Not So Special at the Polynesian Village Resort

Captain Cook’s Specialty Burger At The Polynesian

Whenever a new menu item appears around the Disney parks and resorts, we’re always eager to try them out and give our thoughts. Naturally, we were intrigued by the sign for a “Specialty Burger” from Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian and had to bring you the details.

Disney’s polynesian resort Specialty Burger Disney food

The description sounded like we could expect a Hawaiian-inspired burger. According to the sign, this burger is topped with spiced ham, grilled pineapple, Gouda cheese, and teriyaki mayonnaise. The picture on the sign shows a bountiful burger for $14.99.

Captain Cook’s Disney Polynesian resort specialty burger

Unfortunately, the burger looked a little disappointing when it arrived. There was a wad of arugula that looked wet and sad. The burger would definitely taste fine without these. They add nothing to the flavor or appearance.

Disney Polynesian resort Captain Cook’s speciality burger

The spiced ham was very salty and didn’t contribute anything to the burger. It wasn’t very good, so we removed it before we were finished.

Disney Polynesian Captain Cook’s specialty burger

Grilled pineapple, Gouda cheese, and teriyaki mayonnaise saved the whole burger. Lose the ham and the soggy arugula, and the whole meal improves.

Disney Polynesian Captain cook’s

Captain Cook’s “Specialty Burger” is edible, but not worth ordering again. It’s pretty average. There are much better offerings to choose from on the menu. Fans of ham and pineapple might want to give it a try, but don’t expect to be impressed.

Specialty burgers have been hit or miss lately around Walt Disney World. Check out our review of the Beignet Burger at Port Orleans French Quarter here.


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