4 Rivers Smokehouse Opens More Locations at Disney World

Famous local Florida BBQ establishment “4 Rivers Smokehouse” is branching out past their Disney Springs Cantiana Barbacoa food truck and laying claim to some more territory on Disney property.

Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports will see walk up versions of both 4 Rivers’ traditional BBQ establishment and another Cantina Barbacoa. Both will be be in “The Arena” – a 300,000-square-foot section of the complex, but will only be open during events.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel 

4 Rivers Promo Image 2

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  1. Anything that is NOT run by disney at WDW is a good thing. Disney’s best hope is to bring in talent, quality, and value from outside sources. They’ve pretty much watered down and cheapened out anything they have created to such a poor value, people laugh.

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