The bedroom with fireplace of the Cinderella Castle Suite

New “World of Dreams” $12,000 Tour Being Offered at Walt Disney World, Offers Cinderella Castle Suite Access and More

A new VIP tour called “World of Dreams” is being offered at Walt Disney World. The tour costs $12,000 for up to six guests and is 12 hours long. Two tour guides will conduct each tour.

I’m sure you’re asking what could possibly be included on a tour so expensive. Well, the answer is pretty much whatever you want, for the most part. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Backstage access and transportation
  • Front of the line attraction access
  • A tour of the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite
  • Exclusive nighttime spectacular viewing spaces
  • All meals included (3 a day, with select “alcohol”)
  • Access to any restaurant at Walt Disney World (no normal reservations needed)
  • and many more possibilities based on guest request

If you do the tour for one day at $12,000, each additional day is *only* $10,000. The “World of Dreams” tour is available to book now, but requires booking a week in advance to set up all of the more special opportunities.

So, who’s going on the “World of Dreams” tour?

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  1. This is a excellent deal for our customers and our best idea since the Tomorrowland cabanas.

  2. I could see this being appealing (to very wealthy people) if you could STAY in the suite..but just a tour?

  3. only millionaires and other lottery winners,
    No one who works to get money would spend 12000 for one day of fun at disney world

  4. Cool, if you have the cash…

    Given how much they have been sending targeted ads about the VIP service I knew it wouldn’t be long before they stepped up the offerings. My expectations are as the park expands we will see more and more of this. Hopefully they limit these types of offerings and don’t turn the park into and exclusive club (Sarcasm)

  5. $2000 per person a day for a family of 6 to do whatever you want whenever you want? Actually doesn’t sound like much more than regular admission and food price…

  6. For that kind of money, it should include a stay in the castle suite, not just a tour

  7. I know this won’t be a popular opinion, but considering this breaks down to 2k per person if 6 split it, it’s not a terrible proposition for a group of 6, adult, huge fans of the park. Knock off a few bucket list items, get front of the line passes for the day, and get your meals paid for 2k. I know it’s not affordable for most but I get where Disney is coming from with this idea.

    1. I agree with you, $2,000 each and you get access to all the restaurants so of course you’re going to hit up the Best of the Best and alcohol is offered too. Could probably turn out to be a great time. LoL when I when I win the Lottery

  8. I’m going to wait until after you do it Tom. That way you can tell me if it was worth it! (LOL) :) On the serious side though, I did expect to read that you would be able to spend the night in the castle and not just merely tour it. Oh well…

  9. I have been going since opening day 1971. I have stopped going as of 4 years ago. I Cancelled all our passes and said enough is enough. Walt Disney World has become an exclusive Club for rich people. A real shame.

  10. Wow, Disney has been accused of now catering to the upper class foregoing their middle class base. This World of Dreams tour may be making that case.

  11. You’ve got to give it to Disney. Catering to the wealthy who have money to burn is an art form for them.

  12. Not the purpose that Walt originally intended for his parks……
    Catering to families, so they have a magical experience, is not the priority, anymore, it seems………

  13. I don’t see my comment. I said that for that amount, I’d rather stay at one of the All Star resorts for a whole month. Then use the rest of that money to pay for airfare, food, the best pass the parks have to offer. Plus, don’t forget your merchandise!

  14. I need to see the fine print on this one. Can you park hop? Is there a time limit? Is V&A included? Will there be special access to Galaxy’s Edge? Because all of that adds value.

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