PHOTOS: Adorable New “it’s a small world” Blanket, Pins, and Ornaments Sail Into Disney Parks

As Disney Parks fans, we all love the excitement of The Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean, but there is this sentimental spot we all have for that little boat ride around the world in Fantasyland. No matter how old we get, there is still a magic to the art style and charm of “it’s a small world”, and this new merchandise really hits us in the feels.

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Let’s start with this gorgeous throw blanket for $39.99.

"it's a small world" blanket
“it’s a small world” blanket – $39.99

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I know we’re stuck on this blanket, but there’s more new, colorful merchandise.

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“it’s a small world” ornaments, $34.99
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“it’s a small world” pin, $9.99
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“it’s a small world” pin, $9.99

We are expecting more items in this new “it’s a small world” collection, so stay tuned!

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