PHOTOS: An Incredible Celebration – “Where’s Jack-Jack?” Scavenger Hunt Delayed, Not Fully Operational Yet

Starting today through September 30, 2019, you can experience the world of The Incredibles at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Bask in the world of Supers at Pixar Place, which has been transformed into a Municiberg city block right out of Metroville! An Incredible Celebration hosts a number of neat activities just in time for Hollywood Studios’ 30th Anniversary. We were there to experience the celebration during its big debut, and have photos of all the fascinating props and displays to boot. One of the interactive elements of the celebration is the “Where’s Jack-Jack?” Scavenger Hunt. Guests must try to find Jack-Jack by following a trail of evidence only a super-powerful baby could’ve left behind. A special hashtag is set up for the event for you to follow along via social media as well, which adds an extra layer of fun.

Here were some early sightings of Jack-Jack we got earlier in the week:

where's jack jack disneys hollywood studios

where's jack jack disneys hollywood studios stencil

And here are some of the new “Where’s Jack-Jack?” props and sightings we spotted at the debut of An Incredible Celebration today:

A fiery baby leaving a trail of soot.
Is anyone else getting Roger Rabbit vibes from this motif?
Super fast baby footprints everywhere!
A very telling trail of Num Nums.

The bad news is, due to technical difficulties, the “Where’s Jack-Jack?” Scavenger Hunt was not able to debut today alongside the other Incredible Celebration offerings. Cast Members stated it was “not fully operational” yet. We hope it’ll be fully set up and ready to go soon, though.

An Incredible Celebration takes place every day at Pixar Place starting at 10:30 AM.