PHOTOS, VIDEO: An Incredible Celebration – The Super Shindig Dance Party

Starting today through September 30, 2019, you can experience the world of The Incredibles at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Bask in the world of Supers at Pixar Place, which has been transformed into a Municiberg city block right out of Metroville! An Incredible Celebration hosts a number of neat activities just in time for Hollywood Studios’ 30th Anniversary. One of the activities is The Super Shindig, a dance party where you get to boogie on down with Frozone, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and a lively host/emcee. The party also has interactive games for extra audience participation. Let’s take a look around Pixar Place, now as Municiberg:

As with the space itself, The Super Shindig is also lightly themed.

There’s Streetmosphere in the form of a news reporter that goes around interacting with guests and “reporting” happenings throughout Municiberg. He also happens to be the host of The Super Shindig.

The entire time, he’s projected onto this old-timey TV set.

He introduces the Supers (Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and Elastigirl) and they all come out and do song and dance numbers alongside other dancers.

Then the show breaks out into a meet-and-greet/dance party extravaganza with Supers and dancers roaming about, getting people pumped.

Games like limbo and “freeze” are incorporated throughout the dance numbers so the audience can participate. All the music is classic ’50s and ’60s music, which matches the overall theme and aesthetic of the space and The Incredibles.

Once a character leaves, a new one comes in and gets an intro schtick. We found it was much more structured than previous dance parties we’ve seen.

We actually really enjoyed this dance party for how well executed it was, and wouldn’t mind dropping back in if we were in the area at the time. Check out a video of the experience here:

An Incredible Celebration takes place every day at Pixar Place starting at 10:30 AM.

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