PHOTOS: Even More Minnie-Inspired Rock the Dots 2019 Merchandise Released at WDW

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTOS: Even More Minnie-Inspired Rock the Dots 2019 Merchandise Released at WDW

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTOS: Even More Minnie-Inspired Rock the Dots 2019 Merchandise Released at WDW

First came the sequin ears. Then came the spirit jersey. Minnie’s been working hard these past few months on her 2019 Rock the Dots collection and it shows! Even more Rock the Dots merch has been released in preparation for numerous shopping events, featuring collaborations with Loungefly! Let’s browse the latest releases in this fun-filled collection honoring Minnie Mouse’s longstanding influence on fashion and design:

rock the dots 2019 loungefly backpack
Rock the Dots Loungefly Backpack (Expandable) – $89.99

First off are these Loungefly backpacks, complete with Minnie Ears (to match your own Minnie Ears, of course!) The black backdrop really makes the colorful dots and pink bows and accents stand out. See those zippers on the side? The bag is expandable in case you need to bring some extra snacks, lenses, or Tsum Tsums with you to the parks.

rock the dots 2019 loungefly handbag
Rock the Dots Loungefly Crossbody – $59.99

Up next is this smaller Loungefly crossbody, featuring a furry hot pink pom-pom (reminds me of a Pygmy Puff!) and Minnie Ears facing the front side of the purse. The dots on this bag follow a gradient style, with tiny white dots accentuating the larger colorful ones.

rock the dots 2019 Minnie bow clutch
Rock the Dots Loungefly Wallet – $49.99

The Minnie wallet features a hot pink bow contrasting against a navy blue backdrop with embroidered black dots. I really love how textural this piece is, especially considering that the first two pieces were painted. The crosshatching on the upper material also looks great.

rock the dots 2019 Minnie wink tote
Rock the Dots Loungefly Minnie Tote – $69.99

And for the pièce de résistance, this amazing tote bag starring a glittery, winking Minnie! This one’s very over-the-top, but would be perfect for any Minnie Mouse fan. Minnie herself is covered in glitter and wearing a huge bow, and you also get the pom-pom with the tote.

rock the dots 2019 pom pom pullover
Rock the Dots Pom-Pom Pullover – $49.99

Here’s where things get a bit… avant-garde? This pom-pom pullover takes the concept executed somewhat tastefully in the bags and turns it on its head. I think they took “Think Outside the Dot” a bit too literally with this piece. See you at the outlets, boys!

rock the dots 2019 shoes side

Another one. Black shoes with rainbow glitter, with bows and dots on the outer sole, hot pink laces, and…

rock the dots 2019 shoes
Rock the Dots Pom-Pom Shoes – $39.99

…giant blue pom-poms on top. If over-the-top looks are part of your normal look or you just like going all out at the parks (I mean, you’re already wearing glittery mouse ears, so…) then these shoes are for you. At $39.99, they’re surprisingly affordable for such an intricate item, but that might also be telling of their quality. A few laps around the World Showcase and you may be able to follow a trail of glitter.

What do you think of this year’s Rock the Dots collection? Are you a fan of Disney’s collaborations with Loungefly, or do you wish they’d collaborate with other brands? We often hear that while people may be fans of certain Loungefly designs, they’re rarely happy with the quality of their bags as they are prone to peeling.

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