REVIEW: Mickey Fun Wheel Cookie and Celebration Cookies – Get Your Ears On Celebration at California Adventure

Just outside the entrance to the Pacific Wharf area in Disney California Adventure, you’ll find the Gourmet Coffee Cart. This cart is serving two limited-edition cookies just for the Get Your Ears On; A Mickey and Minnie Celebration.

Mickey Fun Wheel Cookie – $5.00

At $5.00, this giant cookie is a steal. It is fun, colorful and good. Easily sharable and definitely photo-worthy.

Be a little careful taking it out of the bag so you don’t smudge the raspberry jelly or the drizzles. This sugar cookie was delicious. It looks like it could easily be too sweet, but it was perfect. The raspberry jelly center was well set and not messy. It had a bit of a Jello-like texture, which wasn’t necessarily bad. The sugar cookie itself had a very subtle hint of lemon, which paired well with the raspberry.

The only part that is misleading is chocolate drizzle and chocolate Mickey center. It’s all white chocolate, so don’t go in expecting an amazing raspberry/chocolate pairing. Usually I’m not a fan of white chocolate or jelly, but I did enjoy this cookie. For $5.00, it is definitely worth picking up to share or take home what you can’t finish.

This did a great job on this “Fun Wheel” cookie as it was fun and very photogenic.

Celebration Cookies – $12.00

For that price, I’m expecting the most amazing trio of cookies I’ve ever had. That this is not. Skip these and get the Fun Wheel. Heck, you can get two Mickey Fun Wheel Cookies for less than these.

These seem like simple shortbread cookies filled with simple ingredients and then topped with fancy white chocolate Mickey pieces, shaped into a ear silhouette and sold for a ridiculous markup. These cookies weren’t bad by any means, but not worth $12. Especially when there is a delicious cookie with similar taste offered for less than half the cost.

The Dulce de Leche center on the two smaller cookies was okay, but nothing special. The cookies themselves were light and good. The giant middle cookie was supposed to have a raspberry jam center, but it tasted more like strawberry. The “chocolate” topping is the same white chocolate tops that the park is using on several special offerings. Steamboat Willie is also found on the Steamboat Willie Black and White Cookie at Trolley Treats and that cookie was better than these. Skip these and stick to the Mickey Fun Wheel Cookie.

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Christopher Mirabito
Christopher Mirabito
1 year ago

Well, sort of “Mickey’s Fun Wheel”. Now that cookie is the “Pixar-Pal-Around” with Mickey’s head on it. How does someone come up with that name and think it is a good idea? And who agreed to that?