REVIEW: New Limited Edition Wreck-It Ralph Sundae Comes in a Championship Trophy at the Magic Kingdom

It’s a new year and the Magic Kingdom is starting off right with a colossal new treat!

Now available at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street U.S.A., guests will find the Limited Edition Vanellope’s Ice Cream Sundae for $24.99. The sundae includes five scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, “fruity cereal”, chocolate candy, hot fudge, and cherries. Oh, AND IT COMES IN A PLASTIC SOUVENIR TROPHY.

The trophy says “Ralph’s Family Challenge” as it is an item already available on the Disney Dream cruise ship. It’s a shame they couldn’t customize this item for its release on land, but it’s still pretty neat.

The sundae allows you to pick 5 flavors from what’s available at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate-chip, and cookies ‘n cream, as well as no sugar added options raspberry sorbet, butter pecan, and chocolate-vanilla swirl). It is then expertly crafted for your enjoyment.

The “fruity cereal” is fruity pebbles, the chocolate candies are M&M’s, and those chocolate chunks are milk chocolate in nature. It is also properly loaded with hot fudge and cherries.

If you’re looking for a fun souvenir and a load of ice cream from The Plaza, look no further. Look at this as your award for all those steps you got in walking around The Magic Kingdom. You can eat this by yourself, we won’t even judge.

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  1. $25 plus tax and tip for an ice cream sunday in a plastic cup!

    When idiots STOP paying for outrageously priced things, maybe then things will return to decency.

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