REVIEW: New Purple Potion Cupcake Debuts at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Landscape of Flavors at Art Animation has debuted a new cupcake, and this time, it’s all about the purple potion. Grab your Minnie ears and get ready!

Art of Animation Purple Potion Ears Cupcake

This cupcake has everything you could ask for. Stars, glitter, crispy pearls, and iridescent sprinkles on top of purple buttercream. It’s pretty magical. And of course, pink and purple milk chocolate ears.

Art of Animation Purple potion ears cupcake

It’s a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. The cupcake feels very loose in the wrapper when you pick it up. We know there is going to be some sort of filling based on this instability.

Purple Potion Ears Cupcake Art of Animation

When we cut into the cupcake, it fell apart, leaving behind the filling in a clump on the wrapper. We’re just staring at a giant raspberry jelly blob.

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The cake and frosting are good on their own, and it’s almost a good thing the jelly falls out. The raspberry isn’t bad, but it overtakes the taste of the chocolate cake. Which is unfortunate, because the cake is delicious.

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For $5.49, we think this cupcake is worth it. The cake is fresh, but the jelly seems like a potential disaster. We wouldn’t want to try to eat this cupcake and stain our new Spirit Jersey from the Passholder event. So proceed with caution. A safer option may be the purple potion cupcake from the Contempo Cafe.