REVIEW: Contempo Café’s Purple Potion Minnie Ear Cupcake Suprises with Sparkles and Sprinkles

Contemporary resort contemp cafe purple potion ears cupcake
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If you keep up with Disney trends, then you probably know all about the Purple Potion ears already. They’re the latest sequined ears to hit the scene, and we are loving them! But no Disney trend would be complete without a matching dessert, and the Contempo Café has delivered a cupcake perfect for the ‘Gram. Let’s dive in to the new Purple Potion Minnie Ear cupcake and see what sparkly surprises are in store.

Contemporary resort contemp cafe purple potion ears cupcake

The cupcake is inspired by the new Purple Potion Minnie ears. It’s topped with the eponymous glittery purple ears, this time made of white chocolate. They sit atop purple and pink swirled lavender buttercream frosting. There’s also a pink and purple sugar rim around the edge of the cupcake.

We cut into the cupcake to discover the surprise filling inside. To our delight, purple sprinkles, edible glitter, and strawberry crunchy pearls fill the center. This surprise filling is executed perfectly. The flavor and crunch from the crispy pearls is great. It’s exactly what the Mushu surprise cupcake was missing.

Purple potion cupcake surprise contemp cafe contemporary

It’s labeled as lavender buttercream, but don’t expect too much flavor. We couldn’t taste the lavender. The frosting is delicious, though. It’s sweet, but not too sugary. We would have liked a bit more buttercream frosting. There was more cake than frosting towards the end, but we made it work.

The cake is strawberry flavored, but it’s very subtle. The strawberry pearls inside really help bring out the flavor of the cake. The cake is fresh, and fluffier than the other surprise cupcake. This purple ear cupcake is one of the best we’ve had lately.

The Contempo Café is located on the 4th floor of the Contemporary Resort. You can stop by and grab your purple potion ears cupcake for $5.49. Will you be getting the new purple potion ears and cupcake?

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Contempo cafe has the best speciality cupcakes in all of WDW, IMHO!