REVIEW: New Mushu Cupcake From All-Star Music Will Surprise You With More Than Just A Black Tongue

Disney’s All Star Music Resort Cupcake
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Walt Disney World has seen no shortage of sweet treats lately. This time of year, we see a lot of holiday cupcakes and cookies around the parks. A new specialty cupcake is available at Walt Disney World’s All-Star Music Resort and it honors a small, but mighty, Disney sidekick. Mushu, Mulan‘s dragon companion, is the star of this new piñata-style cupcake available at the Intermission Food Court.

Disney’s All Star Music Resort Cupcake

Yellow cake is topped with a black and green-swirled buttercream icing. The frosting has a dusting of edible glitter that makes it sparkle in the light. Bright red sprinkles line the edge of the frosting and a white chocolate Mushu tops the cupcake. They’re popping out of the frosting like daisies!

Disney all star music
Mushu Cupcake $5.49

Disney’s all star music cupcake

It looks like a standard yellow cupcake with buttercream icing, but when you cut into it, you’ll find a surprise. The center of the cupcake is hollowed out and filled with red sprinkles. Sprinkles spill out of the center when you cut into it. This cupcake is way too heavy on the sprinkles, unfortunately. They’re everywhere. They are the same sprinkles from the outside of the cupcake. Maybe they should have used a different type of candy filling, or even the pearls from the Ganachery. But we appreciate the effort!

Disney’s all star music cupcake

The cake is pretty tall, which makes for a good frosting-to-cake ratio. This is a key point to making a perfect cupcake. It is very fresh, and has a slightly heavier consistency to it. It doesn’t crumble and fall apart when you cut into it, either. The buttercream frosting is smooth and light, without the gritty sugar taste. It’s not overpoweringly sweet, as with some of the other buttercream frostings we’ve had around the park. The frosting complimented the yellow cake perfectly. There is a downside to the frosting- your tongue, lips, and fingers will be an interesting color combination of black and green. Just a fair warning in case you have any important photos planned for the day. You may want to enjoy this Mushu specialty cupcake a little later.

Disney’s all star music cupcake

Overall, this Mushu cupcake is a nice treat to enjoy if you’re at the All Star Music Resort. Both the flavor of the cake and the frosting are delicious, but you really have to love sprinkles to fully enjoy this. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing even more specialty cupcakes with fun surprises inside. Do you have a favorite Disney cupcake?

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