PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 12/19/18 (Skyliner & Bus Loop Construction, Disney Jr. Dance Party Update, Galaxy’s Edge, ETC.)

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Bus Loop Construction

Bus loop construction is at full speed these days. Let’s see how it’s going!

The permanent bus directory signage is up, just not in use yet.

Four new covered loops are being constructed as we speak, and it appears as though they might open in phases. One of the shelters, the one closest to the current temporary bus loop, is much closer to completion than the others.

As you get closer to the park, they are less and less complete.

This will probably be the last one to open. It’s right next to the Epcot resorts pathway.

From the newly reopened resorts pathway, you can see they have made quite the mess of things. It will look great when it’s done, though.

Skyliner Construction

The activity around the Skyliner station is almost constant during the day. The details are starting to take shape.

Those iconic Hollywood Studios spires are starting to come together.

In the Park

Here’s something you don’t see too often inside the parks: a sale! The end of the holiday season is closer than you think, and they must have a lot of Flurry of Fun merchandise sitting on their shelves.

They must have trouble selling these sock ornaments as well. Guess it’s better to sell them right before Christmas than this spring at the Character Warehouse.

The Trolley Car Cafe had this cute “Christmas Shortbread” cookie for sale. I didn’t try one, but it looked like a good size for the price.

That’s a funny way to say that a completely new show is taking its spot.

No new signage or anything has even started going up, even though the show is only a few days away from its debut.

The construction walls have come down around the queue for the show, however. They’ve been replaced with Disney camouflage.

A quick look behind the camouflage shows… not much has changed. Even the TVs still have the old branding on them.

This was the Slinky Dog Dash line at approximately 9:00 AM today. If you got here at park opening, you got here too late.

The old Pixar Place area is soon to be an Incredibles-themed area.

Not much visible construction, but there’s definitely something going on back there.

Interestingly, even though it is inaccessible to guests, and the Pixar sign was taken down months ago, the map on the Disney Parks App still lists this area as Pixar Place.

The new stand that replaced the face painting booth is coming along nicely. It just got its brickwork this week to match the rest of the area.

There’s not much of an obvious difference in the new stand on Grand Avenue since last week. They seem to be working hard to finish it quickly, though.

This pathway back behind MuppetVision 3D is now extended stroller parking, but probably just for busier days I would think. No one ever seems to take this pathway, so it’s probably a good use of space.

The extended queue for what will be Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway was slightly exposed today, so I took a peek from a distance. Anything interesting? No. They’re just using it as storage for the dessert party. Talk about disappointing. Maybe they’ll leave the cupcakes there once the ride opens. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

Last but not least, a few shots of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction from behind Buzz Lightyear’s rear end.

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Just got back from WDW,as we live 78 miles away, What a MESS! Looks like a bomb exploded. Think we will wait a few months before going back. Maybe some of the huge debris piles will be gone by then……..maybe.