Second Image From ‘Frozen 2’ Appears Online Along with Plot Description

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One week after the first leaked image from “Frozen 2” popped up online, we are getting another sneak peak at the new looks for Elsa and Anna.

Photo credit : @the.cursed.price

Instagram user @the.cursed.price on Thursday posted a photo of Elsa and Anna in their new outfits, with Olaf by their sides. The image is similar to an image the user posted last week, which allegedly came from a Russian calendar promoting Disney films that will be released in 2019, but features the first full-length look at the characters’ new dresses.

It is not clear where the photo came from or why a Green Alien from Toy Story can be seen in the background. If the photo is from the same calendar, it would make sense that the image is part of a larger picture promoting several films being released this year, as “Toy Story 4″ is set to be released on June 21. 

Instagram user @the.cursed.prince also posted additional images of the Russian calendar on Thursday, showing a date page that included a blurb that allegedly sheds light on the plot of “Frozen 2”.

Image courtesy of @the.cursed.price

The Instagram user says the translated text reveals that the story will have Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff “going far in the forest to know the truth about some ancient mystery of their kingdom.”

Limited details have been released by Disney about “Frozen 2,” which is slated to be released on November 22. 

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