Concept Art For Country Bear Jamboree Dark Ride Released

Howdy folks! Welcome to what could have been the one and only, original, Country Bear Jamboree dark ride, the Critter Country 500! Concept art for this attraction has been released from Kirk Hanson, showcasing a very different attraction for these bears instead of the beloved musical show. This ride would have been located in Disneyland where The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction is currently, this replacing the Country Bear Show instead.

Poster by Imagineer Chris Merritt that was shared a while back

Henry and Sammy the raccoon looks like they would be your broadcasters for the race.

country critter 500 concept art

Gomer the beloved piano player would be in charge of steering this contraption for the race instead of tickling the ivories.

country critter 500 concept art

Ted swapped his corn jug for helping his vehicle that slightly resembles an outhouse. What else would we expect from what we know of the Country Bears though?

country critter 500 concept art

Some serious Wacky Races vibes…

Would you have rather seen a Country Bear ride rather than a show? Let us know in the comments and thanks for bearing with us to the bear end!

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  1. The concept that there can be one, OR, the other is the root of wait time issues at the Parks.

    Replacing attractions takes away a beloved tradition, and offers NO relief by distributing crowds.

    No one could object to the addition of an attraction, but it should not come at the cost or losing something else.

    1. Disneyland, doesn’t have the blessing of size. So in order to get a new attraction you have to shut one down. But I will say it would be better to have both in critter country considering that it barely has enough stuff in it to be considered a land anyway

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