february 2019 pin release disneyland paris

February 2019 Pin Releases for Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris pin releases have arrived for the month of February. The biggest holiday in February, Valentine’s Day, is represented well with the selection of limited edition pins releasing February 9th, featuring Carl and Ellie from the movie, “Up”.

Limited edition pin releases in the second week feature Peter Pan’s Flight and Pin World’s Best Friends, Jaq & Gus. Stitch is also featured heavily with a limited edition pin, open edition pins and a lanyard being released throughout the month.

Phantom Manor open edition pins and lanyard round out the releases, dropping on February 23rd. Don’t expect the ride to open with them.

february 2019 pin release disneyland paris

Pin Trading Night for the month will take place on Friday, February 22nd, at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge in the Beaver Creek Tavern. Pin sales will start at 6pm.

A reminder, limited edition pin releases are now to be reserved through the Lineberty App. Digital tickets are available on the app at 6pm, two days before the date of the sale.

Which pin releases are you most excited for this month?