PHOTOS: Coronado Springs Resort Construction Update 2/5/19 (Themed Elements Up at Gran Destino Tower, Villa Del Lago, ETC.)

During our most recent visit to Coronado Springs, we checked up on the soon to come Gran Destino Tower, as well as the upcoming Villa Del Lago lakeside lounge and restaurant coming soon to the resort!

Gran Destino Tower

The main entrance to the construction zone was sitting wide open, allowing for a great look at progress on the front side, where guests will enter.

When passing by in the evening, we could see that the lighting is already turned on at the upper levels.

Some men at the very top doing work – I wouldn’t wanna be those guys!

A temporary guard booth is in place while work wraps up.

On the back side of the tower, work is coming along well too. The decorative pieces in the center are finally on the rise.

Comparing the left side to the right, it appears the left is much further behind than the right.

These beautiful windows belong to Toledo, the top-level restaurant that will open with the new tower.

I know some are not a fan, but we really love the look of this building. It fits in nicely at Coronado Springs.

These three large glass windows at the very bottom are still getting the wrapping taken off, they will lead to and from the lobby area.

A crane was working on the maroon colored walkway that will connect the current check-in area to the resort to the new tower.

Here’s a closer look at the future walkway. I’m glad that thought about shade and cover here after the Toy Story Land debacle.

The old marina building was painted to the new resort color scheme, but we’re not sure what will become of it at this point.

Villa Del Lago Lakeside Lounge

Work also continues on the Villa Del Lago lakeside Lounge! Stone work is going up around the chimney.

You can see here the burnt-red colored wood added to the top of the lounge.

There are a couple walkways that will cross the river and lead into the lounge. This one appears to be complete, while the other one is still under construction.

The other one is walkable, however, railings still need to be added all the way down.

A Look Ahead

Here are some concept art pieces which resemble the completed products for both the Tower and the Lounge.

2019 will be an exciting year for this resort, the new tower and lounge additions will give an even more pleasant and unique atmosphere and compliment one of the greatest pools on property really well! Both projects are expected to open this Summer.

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