PHOTOS: Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Report – February Merch!

It’s February, which means it’s time for another Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Report! We’re in that awkward post-holiday shopping time, which you’ll see remnants of in the post, but there’s still plenty of cool Disney Parks merch fresh from the parks, so let’s check it out.

I always like to leave a disclaimer early on that this is actually the outlet location at Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, FL. It’s a “must-do Disney” location if you’re ever catching a flight in or out of FLL, or just happen to be in South Florida. If you’re in Orlando, there are two locations there: one at the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets and one at the Orlando International Premium Outlets.

All three locations tend to carry more or less the same stuff, with certain variations on item quantities, and park merchandise return items for sale. That’s right, if you impulse-bought something at the parks or happen to need to return any item, you can do so at these outlet locations. It’s the odd reason why you’ll sometimes see something like Tiki Room Funko Pop! figurines or a pin subscription box up for grabs there from time to time. They are actually an extension of the parks, and you can even buy park tickets at these locations as well.

Anyway, onto the merch. We really loved the Christmas/Hanukkah display they had out here back during the holiday season. Now it’s kind of a mash-up of holdover merch they’ve had for a while, sprinkled with some new items. As always, we appreciate the Huey, Dewey, and Louie figurines as they harken to days of Disney Store lore.

Some Jessie and Buzz Lightyear costume/dress-up sets.

The main entrance display featured an array of totes, crossbodies, and backpacks. And yes, there’s still Epcot 35 stuff. Bags ranged in prices from $9.99 to $19.99

These Minnie Rock the Dot totes were just $1.99.

We thought these pie-eyed, long arm Mickeys were kinda strange, but cute! They were $9.99.

Lots of baby clothes and layette sets. Never lose track of your little one with this glow-in-the-dark Sulley set for $9.99, down from $24.99.

I wonder why they struggle to sell these $13.99 “Avatar Latex Figures”. Honestly.

While you can sometimes find the latest ear headbands for sale at the outlets, don’t get your hopes up. They’re usually still sold at regular price. We did find these cute kid’s ears for $9.99.

These pink light-up ears were also $9.99 and super fun.

Tons of kids costuming and Princess dresses. Things here ranged from $9.99 for the more simple dresses to $64.99 for the really elaborate sets (down from hundreds).

Jukebox Tsum set! For just $9.99, you can take home this adorable set. If you can’t tell, Donald is a greaser and Pluto is riding inside of a roller skate.

The one Epcot 35 item we don’t mind seeing. This soft, heathered tee is just $9.99, down from $29.99.

Tons of phone case variety this trip. Seriously, I stocked up. All cases were $7.99 to $9.99. Most were for iPhones 6s and up, but plenty of Galaxy cases as well.

We love us some StarSpeeder 1000s. This Metal Earth model kit was just $7.99.

Not a Push trash can, but a cute Fantasyland trash can nevertheless. Also $7.99, down from $19.99.

These Walt Disney World glass water bottles were surprisingly nice for just $5.99. (Down from $22.99.) It’s a darn shame they aren’t dishwasher safe, though.

It indeed was purse-a-palooza at the outlets this time around. The wall that previously displayed an abundance of lithographs and art prints now had an array of purses, totes, and wristlets.

We aren’t kidding. Kate Spade, Harveys, Loungefly, Dooney & Bourke, Danielle Nicole… you name it, it’s on that wall.

Everything was deeply discounted, from 20% to 50% off in many cases.. That Kate Spade wristlet pouch, for example, was $53.99, down from $108.00.

Even more purses. It was funny to see all these adorable Mary Poppins bags sitting alongside that Haunted Mansion one. These ranged from $29.99 to $39.99.

Orange Bird! The wallet was $24.99, round bag $29.99, and the backpack $39.99.

A whole stack of assorted Loungefly wallets, all priced at $24.99 each, down from $50.00.

This Little Mermaid purse was new to the outlet. It’s a rather large bucket bag for $73.99, down from $148.00.

Small World merch! The large tote was $133.99, down from $268.00 and the wristlet/wallet was $78.99, down from $158.99.

Christmas lives on with these Loungefly purses at $24.99, down from $65.00.

Glitter everywhere.

These Mary Poppins fascinators/tiny hats/hair accessories were really cute at $4.99, down from $9.99.

This is where generic Star Wars merch, especially tees, come to die a slow death. It’s interesting to see the new designs that make it in here, though, and not all are generic. Some are from Her Universe, like that whole top row. Another refreshing thing is the wide array of sizes available. You can find anything from XS to 3XL here. These tees were all $12.99. There were a myriad of men’s t-shirts, polos, and muscle tees as well.

I love ride-specific merch and this Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster photo frame is no exception. We found this display sitting in the middle of a t-shirt rack, so a reminder that merch is kind of everywhere here.

There are racks with home goods right by where the purse wall is. Usually these have Disney Cruise Line and assorted resort-specific items, along with assorted dining and drinkware.

These melamine Cinderella Castle plates were really nice and only $7.99 (Down from $12.99.) I don’t know what it is about melamine plates that hit me right in the feels.

There were matching small condiment bowls and this longer serving plate for $2.99.

The great wall of mugs always has fun designs on rotation, but most of these have been here for a while. Mugs range from $2.99 to $7.99.

You can never have enough “it’s a small world” mugs. I think these are particularly cute and dainty compared to the newer ones that just came out. This was $5.99, down from $15.99.

Again with the ride-specific photo frames. I love these. This was $7.99, down from $19.99.

There are usually some pretty generic postcards available, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this Rogue One postcard and Mickey and Minnie riding on Peter Pan’s Flight postcard by John Coulter, who is also featured in this year’s Epcot International Festival of the Arts. They were just $1.99 each, whereas these are usually $4.99 at the festival or at Wonderground Gallery.

I always cringe at the glass displays by the registers. Sometimes the stuff they have in here isn’t all that exclusive. Sometimes it’s just plain weird. Of note, they had a Disney Villains Pandora charm set, a customizeable Star Wars Day at Sea (Disney Cruise Line) name tag that you can actually get customized by taking to Tatooine Traders, and an Epcot IllumiNations CD!

When I spotted this Monorail rolling luggage, I may or may not have audibly squealed with joy. We pretty much lost it back when these debuted in 2017, so you can only imagine the happiness that seeing these for $49.99 stirred within us. Please stand clear of my luggage. Por favor manténgase alejado de mis maletas.

Things only got better from there. Behind another glass case, we found these Toy Story and Star Wars OtterBox phone cases for just $7.99! Note that these were only for iPhones 7 and 8. The best part is, these are still at the parks at full price, so it really feels like a steal.

This was the main interior display of the store, starring tons of Pixar merch, like Incredibles and Finding Nemo tees, Edna Mode mug and saucer sets, and Cars toys.

These Edna Mode cup and saucers were really fun and a great deal for $5.99, down from $27.99.

Me too, kid.

That’s about it for this month! Seriously, if you ever have a chance, pack your patience and head to an outlet. Yes, they can get packed. Yes, you might have to throw elbows to snag that last Kate Spade wristlet. (Please don’t.) But the deals and variety of merch can’t be beat. If you go during off hours, it really isn’t all that bad.