PHOTOS: Disney Character Warehouse Outlet – December Merch!

Jessica Figueroa

character warehouse dec 2018 bb8 set display

PHOTOS: Disney Character Warehouse Outlet – December Merch!

We here at WDWNT braved the holiday crowds to bring you the last outlet review of 2018! Throughout the year, it’s always fascinating to see what makes it to the outlets, be it from mass-produced and under-sold items, to randomly returned park purchases. The layout of the store is always changing to accommodate new goods, and seeing friendly CMs (while shopping to Disney music) is always a great treat. Heck, when it gets crowded, it even makes you feel like you’re really at the parks! Well, we’ve got a lot of window shopping to do, so pull on those yellow straps and let’s get started on this December installment of the Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Report.

character warehouse entrance dec 2018

As always, I make a point to say that the Sawgrass Mills location in Sunrise, FL is a great spot if you’re ever in South Florida or are flying in or out of FLL. However, it can be a bit of a *cultural* experience in that it’s not uncommon to have the store next door blast reggaeton so loud you’re basically browsing pins to Pitbull songs.

character warehouse dec 2018 xmas exteriorThe ambiance was particularly festive, with Christmas displays proudly featuring some of the items available for sale at the outlet.

character warehouse dec 2018 exterior Huey

My biggest mistake was not inquiring about that Hanukkah globe.

character warehouse dec 2018 Epcot mugs

Right when you enter, Epcot 35 mugs, as well as some geometrical mugs, are basically screaming at you to buy them. They’ve been at the outlets for a while and need homes.

character warehouse dec 2018 minnie tumbler

These 2018 Minnie tumblers were also on sale.

character warehouse dec 2018 dooney display

While most of the Dooneys in this display were covered in our last outlet review, there seemed to be a new one out of the bunch…

character warehouse dec 2018 food and wine dooney

This Food and Wine satchel was a steal at under $100. If I didn’t already have the 2017 one, I totally would’ve gotten this one. (Although it’d make more sense to keep the collection growing, right? #DisneyMath)

character warehouse dec 2018 dooney sign

There are limits.

character warehouse dec 2018 hats

This giant basket of hats was also at the entrance, meaning they’re also desperate for people to buy them. Lots of Epcot 35 hats in there still.

character warehouse dec 2018 princess mugs

These Princess figural mugs were kind of tacky, but cheap enough for people you have to buy presents for.

character warehouse dec 2018 emoji ornaments

I thought these emoji ornaments were kind of cute, especially for $2.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 kids jerseys

These kids spirit jerseys were just $9.99!

character warehouse dec 2018 pirates dorbz

They always have some kind of Pirates merch at the outlets. This month, it’s these Jolly Roger Dorbz figures. These were $14.99, down from $29.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 marvel figures

The Black Widow Marvel Toybox figures were $6.99 (down from $14.99) and the Avengers Legends Series figures were $17.99, down from $29.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 bb8 set display

They always change up their displays at this location, and this large BB-8 figure caught my attention…

character warehouse dec 2018 bb8 set

Turns out the beloved droid opens up into this First Order playset! This was massive and I kind of wanted it. It’s like the Barbie Dream Mansion of Star Wars. This was priced at $99.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 sw funkos

Still some Solo Funkos left at $7.99, and this cute Dorbz Luke Skywalker for $7.99, down from $29.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 Everest frame

We stan a disco Yeti. This photo frame was surprisingly nicely made and just $7.99, down from $16.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 sw funkos

I’m not even entirely sure what these things are, but they were $12.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 Kilimanjaro bag

I love me some ride-specific merch! This Kilimanjaro Safaris crossbody bag was just $9.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 dcl emoji

These emoji backpacks are from Disney Cruise Line, much like most of the merchandise at the outlets. However, at $12.99 (down from $34.99), you could buy your kid a cute new school bag without breaking the bank.

character warehouse dec 2018 cell cases

A few cell phone cases also make it to the outlets. The majority of cases were for iPhone versions 6s through 8, with a few Galaxy cases as well. These were $7.99, down from $39.99. There were also some Star Wars cases!

character warehouse dec 2018 Duffy tsums
I’m going to buy them all and start a foster home for Tsum Tsums.

When these large Tsum Duffies first arrived on the outlet scene, they tried selling them at full price ($16)… now they’ve got more Tsums than they can handle and they’ve marked them down to $7.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 plush selection

They had 2018 Flower and Garden Minnie plushes, Snow White (and some BatB) Ufufies for $2.99, and these cute, fluffy Tiggers from Shanghai:

character warehouse dec 2018 tigger plush
Tiggers are a wonderful thing.

These were incredibly soft and only $9.99!

character warehouse dec 2018 hats on display

Some more hats. Most of them were in the $7.99 region. If you can read this, thank WDWNT!

Icharacter warehouse dec 2018 Epcot glassware 2

If you’re interested in World Showcase toothpick holders and can’t make your way out to the park, these were just $2.99. The mugs and wine glasses were $3.99 apiece.

character warehouse dec 2018 bows

They had these clip-on, interchangeable bows for Mickey ear headbands at just $4.99 each.

character warehouse dec 2018 bows closeup 1

It was fun to see the detailing on some of these. Just look at that Madame Leota one!

character warehouse dec 2018 bows closeup 2

The Tiki Room one is cute enough to supplant the Plumeria Ears from The Tropical Hideaway.

character warehouse dec 2018 kylo ren lightsabers

They actually had Force FX Kylo Ren lightsabers for $79.99, down from $179.00.

Icharacter warehouse dec 2018 bb8 kylo ren displayHere you can see it was the “Featured Item” of the month along with the BB-8 “Mega Play Set”.

character warehouse dec 2018 kylo ren lightsaber sign

If you bought two, you could buy them at $60.00 each! 2019 stocking stuffers right there.

character warehouse dec 2018 art prints wall

They used to house art prints in little crates for you to sift through, but now they’ve set up this neat art wall! Prints were in the $19.99 range with the Miss Mindy figurines in the $65.99 range, down from $118.00.

Icharacter warehouse dec 2018 Maruyama prints

They even have a few Maruyama prints! I turned around and that Hipster Minnie print was gone.

character warehouse dec 2018 buzzy
No but really, #SaveBuzzy.


character warehouse dec 2018 solo loungefly

These Solo-themed Loungefly bags were kinda cute. The wallets were $24.99 (down from $50.00) and the mini backpack was $29.99. (Never pay full price for Loungefly bags, people. Pleather peels in Disney heat!)

character warehouse dec 2018 sw circle ckirt

This fluffy circle skirt by Her Universe was surprisingly well-made. $24.99, down from $78.00.

character warehouse dec 2018 Rey dress

Speaking of Her Universe, these Rey dresses were $41.99, down from $59.99. Note the other Cherry Tree Lane dresses available in that same rack.  (They’ve been around for a few outlet cycles, too.)

character warehouse dec 2018 little mermaid sets
The picture frames up top were $12.99 and $19.99, respectively.

They had this entire collection of Little Mermaid home decor which seemed pretty inspired.

character warehouse dec 2018 mermaid plates close upPlates were $9.99, bowls were $7.99, and the teacup and saucer sets were $12.99.

Icharacter warehouse dec 2018 mermaid teacup

I don’t even like The Little Mermaid and I like these.

character warehouse dec 2018 mermaid mug

Getting Poseidon’s Fury vibes from these mugs. (Oops, wrong park!) They were $7.99 and seemed really sturdy.

character warehouse dec 2018 mermaid condiment bowls 2

These tiny bowls were nice, too. I think they’re based off Fantasyland icons/rides? The top one is Mine Train, the middle is Cinderella Castle, and the bottom one is Journey of The Little Mermaid.

character warehouse dec 2018 mermaid condiment bowls
In harmony, harmony~ I’m you, you’re me, together we can live in harmony…

That scene at the bottom reminds me of The Little Mermaid animated series. (Bonus points if you get my caption!) Also, the bowls are $9.99, down from $22.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 wow tote

This is a nice, sturdy tote for $9.99, down from $19.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 wl candle

I love Wilderness Lodge merch and this seems like a really creative, on-theme candle holder.

character warehouse dec 2018 wl candle back

The candle holder is priced at $7.99, down from $16.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 pin sets

These two Tsum Tsum attraction- and land-themed sets were available for $14.99 each, down from $29.99.

character warehouse dec 2018 Epcot 35 pennant

This Figment pennant set was just $5.99! Down from $19.99. (Again with the Epcot 35 merch…)

character warehouse dec 2018 small world bowl

They had these interesting ride-themed tiny bowls. I would’ve gotten this Small World bowl if it didn’t oddly remind me of an ashtray.

Icharacter warehouse dec 2018 mr toad bowls

A Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride bowl. (To put Tsum Tsums in.)

Icharacter warehouse dec 2018 dumbo bowls

Dumbo bowl!

character warehouse dec 2018 haunted mansion bowl

Creepy Haunted Mansion bowl. All bowls were $4.99 each, down from $12.99.

Icharacter warehouse dec 2018 comforter

If you’re looking for some adult Disney bedding, they had these interesting quilted comforters for $74.99.

Icharacter warehouse dec 2018 droids

Assorted app-enabled droids.

character warehouse dec 2018 teapot

Icharacter warehouse dec 2018 display sign

character warehouse dec 2018 monorail castle

If you own a Monorail set, you can purchase the Cinderella Castle Monorail toy accessory for just $24.99 at the outlets.

character warehouse dec 2018 stitch
Thank u, next.

Stitch is our guiding light at the outlets. He even knows Spanish!

Well, that about wraps up our last outlet report for the year. While the running joke tends to be the number of items that tend to linger over the months, the reality is, there’s always something new at the outlets. That being said, if you find something you really like, I say go ahead and buy it, because it may well not be there the next time. Even the few full-price stuff tends to go quickly. I practice what I preach, so I bought this Grand Floridian pillow you may recall from the last outlet report:

IMG 0107 1200x900

Worth it.

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