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PHOTOS: Disney’s Character Warehouse Outlet – October Merch!

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Once again, we delve into the world of Disney deals via a trip to Disney’s Character Warehouse! For those of us lucky to live near one of the three Warehouse locations in Florida, cheap discounted merchandise is only a drive away. However, if you happen to be visiting Orlando or even South Florida on your next Walt Disney World vacation and $6.25 churros have you breaking the bank, consider visiting one of these locations for some amazing merchandise, gifts, and souvenirs. Today we’re browsing the location at Sawgrass Mills mall in Sunrise, Florida. Follow along as we check out all the cool stuff available right now at Disney’s Character Warehouse.

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Right as you walk in, they have stacks on stacks of these surprisingly well-made Epcot 35th Anniversary tote bags. As you’ll see down the line, there’s actually an abundance of Epcot anniversary merchandise that made it to the warehouse.

Epcot 35th anniversary tote
Epcot 35th Anniversary tote – $1.99

Lots of Star Wars merchandise comes to die at the Warehouses. Here we have some Funko Pop! vinyl figures from Solo: A Star Wars Story. (Yes, I bought a Qi’ra… she will pair wonderfully with my rare holographic Darth Maul.)

Solo: A Star Wars Story Funko Pops
Solo: A Star Wars Story Funko Pops – $6.99

One of the many curiosities about Disney’s Character Warehouses is that a ton of Duffy merchandise makes it here. (Not that we’re complaining.)

safari duffy
Safari Duffy (Medium) – $9.99
large duffy tsums
Duffy Tsum Tsum (Large) – $7.99

These two are sold as a sweet little couple. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, since at this rate we’ll be celebrating it come December.

Duffy and Shellie May Plush Set
Duffy and Shellie May plush set – $12.99

If you’re still collecting Tsum Tsums, there are some pretty cute yet quirky ones available for just $0.99!

Assorted Tsum Tsums
Assorted Tsum Tsums – $0.99

THEY ALSO HAVE UFUFIES. This area of the store smelled particularly wonderful. Not pictured, but available: Scrump, Angel (from Lilo and Stitch), Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, and the Cheshire Cat! (He smelled like tea cookies.)

Assorted Ufufy plushies – $2.99

They had a tiny Pandora section with mugs, canteens, play sets, and rubber banshees (but not the cool ones.)

pandora drinkware
Na’vi River Journey Travel Mug – $7.99 | Pandora Canteen – $5.99 | Safari Mickey and Friends Water Bottle – $19.99

A word of caution on your next Warehouse shopping spree: Highlighted park labels means it’s… that price. Most of these items are either returns or simply shipments that arrive and are intended to be sold full-price. (Yes, you can return items bought in the parks to Warehouses.)

IMG 0081
The dreaded highlighted price tag.

The hair accessory and section is always lit here. On this trip, they had these neat Haunted Mansion-inspired hair bows. Check out that cool brooch design!

haunted mansion bow
Haunted Mansion Clip-In Hair Bow – $9.99

These cute hair accessories are from Shanghai Disney Resort (which helps explain why they’re so cute.) They’re tiny versions of Donald’s hat and bow tie.

Shanghai Disney Hair Accessories
Shanghai Disney Hair Accessories – $0.99

They also have some great hats. Again, more Epcot 35 stuff. This hat features a very neat retro design. They also had visors in a similar design!

Epcot 35 hat
Epcot 35 Hat – $4.99

For some reason these screamed Christmas decor to me. The store had lots of decorative pillows this time around, including some Frozen ones.

Frozen Decorative Pillow
Frozen Decorative Pillow – $10.99

IMG 0094

Clothing can be a hit or miss sometimes, but they had some really great “vintage” designs from The Disney Afternoon featuring designs from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, TailSpin, Darkwing Duck, and Goof Troop. No Gargoyles tees, sadly…

goof troop tee
Goof Troop Tee – $12.99

Again with the beautiful decorative pillows. These Grand Floridian Resort & Spa ones featured Victorian Mickey and Minnie and the GF logo on the back with some scroll details… however, it had the dreaded yellow highlighted tag, so these were regular price.

GF decorative pillow
Grand Floridian Decorative Pillow – $27.99

IMG 0109

At first, these looked like Tervis tumblers (and many do make it to the store) but they’re just Tervis-style tumblers. Still cool looking with the Contemporary design.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
Contemporary Resort Tumblers
Contemporary Resort Tumblers – $5.99

There was a small Holiday section with some adorable Bambi-themed decor.

Bambi Decorative Sign
Bambi Decorative Sign – $12.99
Mickey and Minnie Holiday Plate
Mickey and Minnie Holiday Plate – $7.99

The pin section is always great here, with lots of pins from Shanghai Disney Resort, the Disney Parks Collection, and some Star Wars designs. The Grand Floridian, Splash Mountain, and Trader Sam’s designs on these were particularly sweet.

Disney Parks Collection Pins
Disney Parks Collection Pins – $3.99 to $5.99

They have multiple booster packs and lanyard sets available as well. This 2018 Booster Pin Set features some classic park attractions.

2018 Booster Pin Set
2018 Booster Pin Set – $9.99

Besides children’s costumes, not much Halloween merch was available. However, these treat bowls are practically fresh from the parks, featuring this year’s Halloween Refillable Mug design.

treat bowl
Treat Bowl – $14.99

Never overlook the glass displays by the registers. They usually house rare specialty items and returns here, and Cast Members are always happy to show you the current offerings. They’ve had these un-engraved Star Wars name tags for a while now. Apparently you can purchase these and have them engraved at the parks for free, with receipt.

Star Wars Engraveable Name Tags
Star Wars Engraveable Name Tags – $12.99

Alex and Ani bracelets, as well as a variety of sculptures and art pieces, are housed in glass curios next to the registers.

Alex and Ani Bracelet
Alex and Ani Bracelet – $17.99

The theming at Disney’s Character Warehouse is always fun… and vaguely World of Disney-esque?

IMG 0209

More pillows! I warned you. Every room of your house is now a different Disney resort.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Pillow
Animal Kingdom Lodge Pillow – $9.99

Lots of World Showcase and Epcot 35 “toothpick holders” and mugs.

World Showcase and Epcot 35 Drinkware
World Showcase and Epcot 35 Mugs and Cups – $2.99 to $5.99

I’m still kicking myself for not buying one or two of these glow-in-the-dark puzzles featuring Rex at the Haunted Mansion. Best mash-up ever.

Rex at the Haunted Mansion Puzzle
Rex at the Haunted Mansion Puzzle – $4.99

They also had this cute coin holder that folded out to four sections, all with pockets to hold your pressed coins. The CM was nice enough to give us this neat tip about cleaning pressed pennies: use ketchup!

WDW Pressed Coin Holder
WDW Pressed Coin Holder – $12.99

Lots of Danielle Nicole fanny packs, messengers, and clutches/envelope-style bags.

Danielle Nicole Bags
Danielle Nicole Bags – $33.99 to $41.99

I’d never seen these Disney Cruise Line Dooney & Bourke bags, limited editions from their European voyages.

DCL Dooney & Bourke
DCL Dooney & Bourke: Wristlet – $78.99 | Satchel $103.99 | Tote – $133.99

Lots of other Dooneys and Harveys bags, all at reduced prices!

IMG 0159

This beautiful Cinderella Dooney & Bourke tote was originally $268.00.

Cinderella Dooney & Bourke Tote
Cinderella Dooney & Bourke Tote – $133.99

So there you have it! Another successful trip to Disney’s Character Warehouse. A couple more WDWNTips for your next trip:

  • Product delivery takes place every Monday and Thursday, so make sure to check in on or around those days for the best selection.
  • The sweet spot in terms of crowds seems to be the first two hours after opening and the last two hours before closing.
  • Holds are available, so if you see just one item left while browsing and you don’t want to take chances on losing it, bring it to the registers and they will hold the item for you until closing.
  1. Questions – Product delivery occurs on Monday and Thursday. Does the merchandise also get pushed out on those days or the day after (Tuesday and Friday) is better? And does this schedule apply at both locations (International Drive & Vineland Ave)?

    I have certainly found that arriving early is key. My recent trip there was 20-25 people already outside waiting for the place to open.

    1. We try to push out as much product the day we receive the shipments. If we have an unusually large shipment check back again the next day.

  2. They had 2018 magnets for 99 cents last week at the C.W. at Sawgrass Mills. They’re $9.99 at the parks!

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